Change Log update 8.3.3

  • 08 January 2018
  • by The Kilgray Team
Change Log update 8.3.3

Here comes the latest build for memoQ 8.3. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback.

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.


Muse lookup - small improvement in error handling
Kantan MT plugin update


J:MQ-497 Fixed sub-language, update, and language list issues on the term base entry details pane
J:MQ-487 Concordance did not work in term extractor as expected
J:MQ-483 Previous hotkey didn't work in term extractor
J:MQ-482 You can now set the translation grid icon size and score text size to lower than 100%
J:MQ-384 Can not sort the Qterm list by no. of entries in ascending order
J:MQ-321 When clicking "Last modified" header in QTerm TBs list, the oldest was the first
J:MQ-150 We've made the Content Connector client more responsive at launch if the connection fails / Help
J:CP-307 Customer Portal: Improved logout handling
J:CP-307 Customer Portal: Fix infinite loop on invalid role updates
J MQ-149: Filters / JSON - translatable, comment, context import - small fixes
J MQ-149: Filters / JSON - translatable, comment, context import - consistency check adjusted so condition pairs are only checked if it is required by the settings
0031815: XLS: import failed with multilingual filter in some cases
0031813: Auto-translation rules: General error occurred when clicking into specific target segment
0031804: TXLF: Import failed in specific cases
0031803: IDML: export failed in specific cases
0031801: when exporting files, memoQ attempted to open files that had no registered application or were registered to open in memoQ
0031799: Wrong segmentation and missing inline tags occurred in alignment when using a cascading filter (XML filter after an Excel filter)
0031798: PDF documents could not be imported when there was a regex tagger added as cascading filter
0031793: Multilingual Delimited Text filter: importing in-place translation by background color didn't work
0031791: Creating project from template failed if it contained a naming rule without any matching Muses
0031788: Error message occurred during docx file import in specific cases
0031786: QTerm delete entry problem in Safari
0031783: XLF export failed in specific cases
0031779: Multilingual Delimited Text filter: import failed for specific file
0031778: WSAPI call "GetStatisticsOnTranslationDocuments" returned empty result for slices
0031775: Create View: creating view with multiple words in comment didn't work
0031773: Find&Replace: Find scope did not change after navigating between tabs
0031770: Multilingual XML: missing/shifted translation in export
0031768: Template-based pre import script triggered for each language in case of a multilingual import
0031766: Multilingual Delimited Text: export failed in specific cases
0031764: Performance issues in checked out copy of specific project
0031758: Export report window lost dimensions after closing
0031757: CMS: [Connection Manager] Replace link actions
0031756: Multilingual XLS filter did not handle some type of special bold formatting
0031755: CMS: name "CMS Adapter" was used in UI strings instead of "CMS Connector"
0031749: memoQ did not respond when trying to confirm segments in specific cases
0031748: memoQ changed the formula when exporting a specific Excel file
0031747: Bottom of y and g characters were not fully visible in the header of the TB editor
0031745: Multilingual XML: warning occurred when source was multiline while target was on a single line
0031740: Trying to change the content of server selector changed the active ribbon tab to "Project"
0031739: Multilingual delimited text: Exporting translation with comma decimal separator didn't work
0031738: Missing TB metadata in the translations results pane
0031736: Project failed to check out with multilingual reference TB attached in specific case
0031733: DOCX: extra italics formatting in exported file in specific case
0031728: Last row on Resolve errors and warnings screen was hidden by status bar
0031727: Machine translation: login details were lost if a plugin was disabled
0031719: When resizing the Enter LQA error window to the minimum, some GUI items disappeared
0031718: After upgrading to 8.3.2, projects did not display on the Quote requests tab
0031714: Review tab -> "Revert To Earlier Version" did not work
0031713: Exporting MT settings as an mqres file didn't work
0031711: memoQ could not import back MIF document which was exported from memoQ
0031709: Creating relation between QTerm entries didn't work in specific case
0031707: New entry didn't appear immediately in Translation results of memoQWebTrans
0031706: Editing a segment in Webtrans made it lose its Row history
0031702: FirstAccept corrupted a project
0031698: "Automatically jump after confirming a row" option didn't work in memoQWebTrans
0031690: Internal application error appeared if a project was closed immediately after a split
0031661: There is no selected radio button if you try to deliver the document as Reviewer1 or Reviewer2
0031659: Bilingual RTF export now uses separate colors for the 3 different confirmed statuses (T, R1, R2 confirmed)
0031641: memoQ client crashed to desktop when opening Communication tab; 0031116: on platforms that didn't support websockets, memoQ server didn't start if HTTPS client <> server communication was enabled
0031637: Could not authorize Easyling project through MQWebTrans' pop-up window [7516]
0031622: On the Permissions window, group name placeholders appeared
0031610: QTerm: In Firefox, the picture did not display if the user selected the pretty-print view, and clicked on it.
0031591: On the TM editor status bar, the number of all entries was incorrect (always 0)
0031567: Document export report: long doc name ran over to the second column
0031566: CMS Dashboard: state name "Cancelled on" has been renamed to just "Cancelled"
0031521: When adding the date type definition to the TB, memoQWeb automatically changed the date to the day before.
0031516: On the "Customer portal services" tab, the 'Default' column's sorting arrow has overlap issues
0031511: On 'Select favorite languages' dialog, the 'Select' button was in active status, if zero or one language has been selected
0031481: Incorrect text layout in WebPM > Translations page
0031432: pseudo-translation: leading/trailing tags are now always placed before pseudo-translated prefixes/postfixes
0031431: pseudo-translation: Multiple default configs caused exceptions
0031398: MSG filter: Japanese text in subject field appeared as ? characters in exported file
0031363: Table RTF update: false alarm about tag formatting mismatch occurred if cell content began with formatted tags
0031348: IDML: Import failed with "paragraph linearization failed" error in specific cases
0031343: QA terminology warnings were not shown with Bulgarian target language
0031283: Autopick marked hits that were within other words as already inserted (eg. "his" in "this")
0031272: MSG filter: Japanese text appeared as ? characters in exported file
0030963: [DOCX] Error occurred when exporting the document in specific cases

The picture chosen for this new build shows women operators in a Russell Motor Car Company Limited factory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. By George Agnew Reid. Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons