Change Log update 8.3.5

  • 05 February 2018
  • by The Kilgray Team
Change Log update 8.3.5

Here comes the latest build for memoQ 8.3, fresh with fixes. We thank you for your feedback and reports!

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.


0031359: Adobe InDesign (IDML) filter: Some contents were not imported.
0031395: Microsoft Outlook Email (MSG) filter: Incorrect segmentation around email field names (To, Cc, Subject, Sent etc.) in HTML and plain-text email fixed.
0031432: Pseudo-translation: Prefixes and postfixes are nor placed after leading and before trailing tags.
0031741: Fixed an error experienced when exporting specific IDML files.
0031759: Fixed an error during Studio package import in specific cases.
0031762: Handling 1% matches from LiveDocs.
0031767: Fixed an error preventing preview creation for XML files.
0031795: SDL Trados Project Package (SDLPPX) filter: Fixed an error preventing the import.
0031796: QTerm: Microsoft Edge supported for opening QTerm term bases for browsing.
0031808: Fixed an inconsistent behavior around deleting comments.
0031825: Archiving failed for some specific projects.
0031853: QTerm: QTerm did not open TBs with incorrect terms (pipe or asterisk characters at wrong positions).
0031879: Idiom WorldServer package (WSXZ) filter: File names are now included in statistics exported to CSV format.
0031880: Fixed an error yielding memoQ Web Search window to not appear.
0031881: An error rendered text search unavailable in Web Search.
0031887: Fixed wrong timestamps in reports.
0031889: memoQ did not open files after export when no custom name was provided for the export file
0031890: QTerm: Fixed an error preventing deleting QTerm TB entries.
0031891: Missing collapse option fixed in Lookup Term window.
0031893: The "Apply Auto Correction" button/function had improper behavior.
0031894: No QA warning was made for an extra number if the number on one side started with a 0.
0031897: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi TXT/Excel) filter: Exported file contained the source instead of translation in a few specific cases.
0031901: Fixed an error preventing the import of monolingual CSV files into LiveDocs.
0031904: Adobe InDesign (IDML) filter: Fixed an error when the exported file could not be opened with adobe InDesign.
0031905: MemoQ Auto Update Helper does not overwrite itself.
0031910: Fixed an error when a Finnish transit package was imported as Meänkieli.
0031913: Terminologist could not open a pinned TB for editing.
0031915: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi TXT/Excel) filter: memoQ incorrectly imported inline formatting from Excel cells
0031917: WS-API: ListPostTranslationAnalysisReports returned non-PTA reports, too.
0031923: Fixed an error when quotation marks were not escaped in term base export files.
0031926: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi TXT/Excel) filter: Excel displayed cell contents in translated documents without proper line wrapping until double-clicking such cells.
0031928: QTerm: Filters displayed unexpected entries.
0031930: memoQWeb: Fixed a checkbox issue on the Languages and roles page.
0031931: Clicking the Help button closed the Deliver document dialog.
0031934: Wrong user name displayed after editing a discussion.
0031936: QTerm: The "Clear file name from field" button did not work on the Browse term page, full edit view in Firefox.
0031938: WS-API: Some methods on ELM endpoints did not update the cache if CAL licensing model were used.
0031940: An error caused machine-translated segments to appear locked and shown as confirmed by the reviewer
0031943: MadCap Flare: Some incorrectly interpreted tags resulted in incorrect segmentation.
0031945: An error prevented some email notifications to be sent.
0031946: Confirming a segment confirmed the previous one when QA was running on a TM.
0031947: JSON filter: Some JSON files failed to be imported.
0031950: Some projects could not be restored from MQBKF packages on specific computers.
0031951: Fixed an error preventing editing project templates on memoQ Servers greater than 7.8 with memoQ 7.8 client.
0031952: XLIFF filter: Protected mrd tags were not handled properly.
0031953: MQXLIFF: Some tag pairs were not connected with the rid attribute.
0031955: Track changes: Exported files showed deleted changes.
0031956: Single sign-on failed if the admin user could not read an attribute for a user in a group.
0031969: WS-API: Support for marking reviewer changes as with tracked change markers when updating from Bilingual ('table') RTF documents.

The picture chosen for this Change Log shows three women working at machine. By Lewis Hine - U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons.