Change Log update 8.5.6

  • 12 July 2018
  • by The memoQ Team
Change Log update 8.5.6

Here comes the latest build for memoQ 8.5! We would like to thank everyone who reported and provided feedback.

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.


0031902: Fixed a general error that appeared when you invoked concordance search for Korean language
0031939: The Structure button was missing from the toolbar of the Translations list of online projects under specific conditions
0032276: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter: A specially crafted Microsoft Excel (XLSX) workbook lost its styles on export
0032278: memoQ Server Deployment Tool installed Hunspell files in a wrong folder
0032356: Online projects could not be deleted from the Recycle Bin or be archived on memoQ Server in specific cases
0032359: You received a general error or lost the ribbon in memoQ desktop clients after changing user for a memoQ Server
0032361: Reviewer 1 progress saw no increase while working on slices
0032395: The link for Installation Guide in memoQ's help pointed to an inexistent web page
0032402: memoQ Cloud: Could not view the latest analysis report in WebTrans of memoQ Cloud instances
0032403: Auto-propagation settings weren't always saved when exiting memoQ
0032405: Microsoft Outlook Mail Message (MSG) filter: Export failed for files containing tags with translatable attributes
0032409: XLIFF filter: Export failed with a "Closing tag mismatch" error for some files due to a namespace handling issue
0032411: WordPress (WPML) filter: Export failed for files containing HTML entities inside WPML tag attributes
0032413: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter: Bold and normal formatting was mixed up in imported XLSX files containing escaped new line characters in source or target language cells
0032426: The [Allow multiple translations] option did not have its intended effect when importing TMX files to TMs, yielding in ignored TMX segments
0032431: WS-API: UpdateTranslationDocumentFromBilingual did not take the last Changed timestamp and Modifier user into consideration
0032435: Microsoft Word (DOCX) filter: Import failed for some specially crafted files
0032438: You could not view some change-tracking reports from Task tracker
0032440: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter: Export failed for documents containing formatted emoticon characters
0032444: memoQWeb: Project templates used by Customer Portal services could not be modified
0032446: Improved behavior to prevent memoQ Translator Pro to try to create an online project, even if you are connected to a memoQ Server, when you double-click a file in Windows Explorer associated with memoQ as a translatable file
0032448: Online muses were missing from memoQ Server backups
0032449: Composite filter: memoQ listed multilingual filters as possible compartments of composite filter combining a ZIP filter and some another one, even though those files could not be imported this way
0032450: ZIP filter: Trying to edit a previously created ZIP filter configuration with a sample file set on a different computer or removed from its original location caused an error
0032452: JSON filter: The Populate command in the filter config dialog to load sample files only loaded the sample files that were currently selected in the list of such files
0032455: Changes were sometimes marked improperly after importing reviewed documents
0032456: The Resolve errors and warnings window did not show target language code of the files listed
0032457: Removing duplicate terms from a termbase could result in an error
0032458: Composite filter: Damaged cascading filters with zero elements located on remote memoQ Servers prevented user from creating new filters on those servers
0032459: SDL Trados Studio package (SDLPPX) filter: Importing corrupted TMs from SDL packages failed; from now on only corrupted entries will be skipped
0032460: ZIP filter: Exported ZIP files had incorrect filenames if the names of the imported files contained non-ASCII characters
0032465: The Import Transit package window of the online project creation process had some resizing glitches
0032468: If you changed the source language in the project creation wizard, you could still use the previously selected template even if it had a different source language
0032469: XML filter: Invalid XML files caused insufficient memory error during import
0032475: QTerm: Performing two searches very quickly could cause QTerm to display the search conditions of the second search, while displaying the results of the first one
0032488: QA: Ambiguous error message displayed for improperly defined regular expressions aimed at capturing length limit for pixel-based length check from source files
0032489: Pressing CTRL+C in the Concordance window when the selection is not visible caused a general error
0032497: Restoring an archived project after deleting one of its termbases failed
0032511: Cascading filters: Import in specific cases completed with 0 imported segments if the filter chain contained a multilingual filter as the first in the chain
0032534: memoQWeb: Segments could not be edited when a filter was in effect
The picture we have chosen for this Change Log shows a Woman working, Hermetic Seal Transformer Company. By Robert Yarnall Richie. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons