Change Log update 8.5.7

  • 07 August 2018
  • by The memoQ Team
Change Log update 8.5.7

Here comes the latest build for memoQ 8.5!

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.


0031785: Translation memories and termbases might have gone missing from local copies of online projects because of rare synchronization issues
0031878: Reports for statistics run on online projects by the progress hidden by the user displayed default weight figures (WWC) instead of custom ones
0031879: 0031879: Idiom WorldServer package (WSXZ) filter: File names are now included in statistics exported to CSV format
0032250: Combo boxes containing checkboxes could inadvertently minimize some windows to the Taskbar
0032290: Dates in YYYY/MM/DD format yielded in 99% matches
0032291: Security fix: The Logo URL property left room for malicious Stored XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks based on Angular Expression Injection
0032300: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter: Horizontal alignment of text changed after export in specific cases due to ambiguous definition of default cell style calculation in the standard
0032498: SDL Trados XLIFF (SDLXLIFF) filter: Could not export files with segment comments in specific cases when spaces were inadvertently trimmed from the comments and considered white spaces
0032501: The memoQ Pseudo-translation plugin did not insert anything for certain segments
0032504: memoQ did not stop measuring the editing times of segments if the user moved to the next segment without confirming first
0032505: SDL Trados Studio package (SDLPPX) filter: memoQ failed to import SDLPPX packages with corrupt termbases in them, and will just ignore the corrupted entries from now on
0032507: WS-API: memoQ did not apply configured TM penalties for operations performed via the WS-API
0032510: The Structured view of the Document list in the Translations tab calculated folder names to display in a case-sensitive way, yielding in displaying the same folder name multiple times if they were specified using different lowercase-uppercase combinations during import
0032517: XLIFF filter: Importing reviewed memoQ XLIFF files containing version history using this filter instead of the native one failed
0032520: XLIFF filter: Some characters contained in the XLIFF files were inadvertently exported as HTML entities in memoQ, misleading other CAT tools
0032527: Customer Portal: Clicking on the scroll bar to select a service closed the pull-down menu in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 due to a bug in the browser
0032532: In LiveDocs, the default sort-by option of the filter was the alphabetically first project name instead of [Show all]
0032536: memoQ Server administration & deployment: Scheduled backups could be configured without specifying a file name
0032537: QTerm: You could not import Excel files into QTerm from specially crafted ZIP packages
0032539: Filtering for locked segments did not work in sliced files
0032540: Analysis with and without the homogeneity option differed in 1 segment
0032543: HTML filter: Improvements made to try to fix errors in invalid HTML markup code to try to not fail with the import
0032545, 0031777: Statistics run on online projects by the progress hidden by the user considered default weight figures (WWC) instead of custom ones
0032548: SDL Trados Studio package (SDLPPX) filter: memoQ failed to import files from Studio packages containing uncatalogued comments instead of ignoring these comments
0032552: Microsoft Word (DOCX) filter: Table text font sometimes changed to Calibri in exported files
0032558: QTerm: The [Browse term base] link generated error in Safari
0032560: Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter: Failed to import files with empty inner sheets
0032563: memoQ sometimes displayed a custom configuration will be in use when you selected the default configuration for a filter via the [Change filter and configuration] command during document import
0032565: False [Uniform formatting of the source () not matched in target] warnings reported by the QA engine for segments starting with an inline tag
0032570: For online projects, not all elements of cascading filters were shown on the Details pane by design, making users to think they used a wrong filter
0032571: Confirming segment with compare versions (such as Against Last Received Version) activated caused a general error in some cases
0032573: An error preventing custom QA plugins to access translation documents to check have been fixed
0032575: Cascading filters: A bug prevented uses to join segments which belong to the same cell in Excel documents imported using the combination of a Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter and a Regex tagger filter
0032578: Security fix: memoQ is now protected against the Zip Slip attack to which it was vulnerable via the ZIP filter
0032580: Rich Text Format (RTF) filter: The [Import edits as track changes] option properly ignored formatting changes from being reported as changed, however, it failed to display the changed formatting
0032581: Remote projects with their names beginning with a dollar sign ($) caused a general error
0032582: Microsoft Word (DOCX) filter: Could not import documents using the [Import changes as such] option if the documents contained comments without a timestamp
0032583: Unclear message is shown when subvendors wanted to launch projects in a Subvendor workflow
0032585: Machine translation: The DeepL MT plugin did not return results for sublanguages (such as en-US)
0032586: Selection jumped back to the first fixed segment after clicking the [Hide ignored items] command in the [Resolve errors and warnings] window
0032590: Cascading filters: The combination of a Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter and a Regex tagger filter failed to import documents with the [Maintain formatting] option
0032595: Spell-checking via Microsoft Word did not always work for the Serbian (Latin) language
0032596: The Assign function was not disabled on the Details pane of the Documents tab when the selection contained both documents and slices
0032597: Microsoft Word (DOCX) filter: memoQ could not export documents containing corrupted code for comments
0032601: memoQ crashed when switching back to a filtered document with the empty result list
0032607, 0032587, 0032604, 0032606: Microsoft Word (DOCX) filter: False warning displayed during the import process in some cases
0032610: Cascading filters: The combination of a Multilingual Delimited Text (MuLi XLSX/CSV) filter and a Regex tagger filter caused the import process to hang up
0032617: memoQ did not copy tags during pseudo-translation with the memoQ Pseudo-translation plug-in to Chinese and Japanese
The picture we have chosen for this change log portraits a window cleaner overlooking Central Park, New York. By Joseph Murphy - SEIU 32BJ Archives. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons