Change Log update 8.5.8

  • 11 September 2018
  • by The memoQ Team
Change Log update 8.5.8

A new build for memoQ 8.5!

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.


BUG-239: memoQ server CAL license signing is slow in specific environments
MQ-1159: Toggle case suggestions not showing under rare conditions
MT-0031879: Idiom WorldServer package (WSXZ) filter: File names are not included in statistics exported to CSV format
MT-0032182: Automated action failure message sent by design if you run automatic assignment but did not want to assign users for all roles
MT-0032294: Security: Vulnerability to Reflected XSS via malicious filenames
MT-0032448: Online muses are missing from memoQ Server backups
MT-0032523: QTerm: Entries contain random wildcard characters
MT-0032552: Microsoft Word (DOCX) filter: Table text font sometimes changed to Calibri in exported files
MT-0032563: memoQ sometimes warns that a custom configuration is in use when you select the default configuration for a filter via the [Change filter and configuration] command during document import
MT-0032583: Unclear message shown when subvendors want to launch projects in a Subvendor workflow
MT-0032591: Open Document Format (ODT) filter: Import failure for some particular files
MT-0032593: DTD validation error occurs during TBX file import
MT-0032619: Adobe FrameMaker (MIF) filter: Paragraph formatting is imported regardless of filter configuration
MT-0032626: XML filter: Preview creation fails for some files
MT-0032629: Confusing message is displayed when you add a QTerm termbase to a project, and the termbase contain less languages than the project
MT-0032641: Preview stuck if a document contains a block of text without new lines
MT-0032642: Confirming segments on specific computer takes about 5-10 seconds
MT-0032643: Automated actions do not run when document slices complete their workflow
MT-0032644: XLIFF (XLF) filter: Files imported with EasyLing preview might not be imported if target segments are not properly crafted
MT-0032645: WS-API: ConfirmAndUpdateResultInfo.DocErrors is an empty array if there was no error during the Confirm and Update operation
MT-0032649: Internal application error when importing document for monolingual review
MT-0032656: Security: QTerm Pretty Print is prone to Stored XSS attacks
MT-0032657: Security: memoQWebTrans is prone to Stored XSS attacks
MT-0032661: memoQ crashes if you open an online project's Overview tab
MT-0032666: TMs with reverse language pair can be set as Working/Master TMs
MT-0032667: Machine translation is disabled when you want to pre-translate a view
MT-0032668: Multilingual Delimited Text (XSLX/CSV) filter: Document import fails when using the multilingual delimited text filter
MT-0032669: Custom lists/translation pairs not working after lookahead/lookbehind in auto translation rule settings
MT-0032671: Server timeout occurs during delivery in a specific case
MT-0032679: Permission denied for exporting XLF file from an online project's documents
MT-0032680: Reviewer 2 progress is not updated on the Project Dashboard
MT-0032682: memoQ froze when connecting to a specific server
MT-0032683: Extra spaces left in document with tracked changes
MT-0032692: MemoQ crashes when changing from filtered view to QA view
MT-0032696: Multilingual Delimited Text (XSLX/CSV) filter: A bug in Aspose prevents importing some Excel files
MT-0032698: Security: QTerm's Browse Terms Screen is prone to Stored XSS attacks
MT-0032701: Fragments not always inserted in specific pre-translation configurations
MT-0032702: Project-level LQA report considers only the first document's word count for score normalization
MT-0032708: WS-API: Online documentation has outdated links and a few typos
MT-0032713: Find and replace always reports there are 10.MT-000 matches
MT-0032717: Localization issue: truncated German text on a UI
MT-0032721: Cannot synchronize TMs offline and offline synchronization permissions are forgotten
MT-0032727: Online project settings are not saved in specific cases
MT-0032728: TM-driven segmentation is not working in some cases
MT-0032734: With track changes enabled, pressing Backspace always deletes text from the beginning
MT-0032742: The [Cancel] and the [Finish] button is misaligned on the auto-update window

The picture we chose for this Change Log shows an instrument man working on new construction bridge at Norris Dam. By Lewis Hine - U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons.