Change Log update 8.6.5

  • 31 October 2018
  • by The memoQ Team
Change Log update 8.6.5

A new build for memoQ!

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.


BUG-584: A specific online project fails to open for management.
MAN-29122: Additional auto-spaces when using tracked changes.
MAN-29027: Adobe FrameMaker (MIF) filter: Paragraph formatting imported regardless of filter configuration.
BUG-630: Adobe Photoshop (PSD) filter: PSD files created with a newer version of Adobe Photoshop and missing an expected internal structural element fails to import.
MAN-29223: Automated actions defined in project templates do not run when a slice finishes its workflow.
MAN-29138: Cannot synchronize translation memories offline, and offline synchronization permissions are forgotten.
MAN-29267: Changing settings in the Font substitution tab of the Resource Console dialog minimizes the window.
MAN-29340: Concordance search for Korean language results in error.
MAN-29237: Confirming a segment causes error if Compare versions is activated.
MAN-29131: Crash when switching from the filtered view of a document to the Resolve errors and warning window.
MAN-29169: Cummins Allison QA Plugin: Error in XLIFF response validator.
MAN-2560: Customer Portal: Clicking on the scroll bar to select a service closes the pull-down menu in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
BUG-530: Customer Portal: Failed to import some specific files.
BUG-693: Customer Portal: Quote creation gets stuck when requesting a quote.
MAN-29253: Date format YYYY/MM/DD is 99% match for any number.
MAN-29276: DeepL: Machine translation does not work with sublanguages (variants).
BUG-280: DLL filter: Context ID is picked up incorrectly.
MAN-29025: Document shows 100% progress when only one slice is completed.
MAN-28997: DTD validation error while importing a TBX file to a memoQ termbase.
MAN-29254: False "Uniform formatting of the source () not matched in target" QA warnings for target segments beginning with an inline tag.
MAN-29246: File paths are case-sensitive.
MAN-29257: Filtering for locked segments doesn't work in sliced files.
MAN-29055: Find and replace always reports there are 10.000 matches.
BUG-533: Find and replace operation launched from the Project Dashboard throws an error.
MAN-29187: Fragments not always inserted in specific pre-translation configurations.
BUG-672: Help contains the wrong shortcut for the "Delete to end of segment" command.
MAN-29279: HTML filter: Failed to import HTML files with malformed input tags.
MAN-29184: Interference with Hunspell causes segments confirmation to take long in case of large dictionaries.
MAN-29213: Machine translation is disabled when you want to pre-translate a view.
MAN-29159: memoQ crashes if you open an online project's Overview tab.
MAN-29244: memoQ Pseudo-translation MT plugin: No pseudo-translation is inserted for certain segments.
MAN-29252: memoQ Pseudo-translation MT plugin: Tags are not copied to target during pre-translation.
BUG-239: memoQ server CAL license signing is slow under certain circumstances.
BUG-397: memoQ Server integrations: The Pre-translation and Statistics features cannot use the remote translation memories in the local copy of child projects.
BUG-398: memoQ Server integrations: Trying to view or edit a remote translation memory in the local copy of a child project throws an error.
MAN-29054: memoQ Server reached timeout during delivery.
MAN-2568: memoQWeb: Segments cannot be edited after applying a filter.
MAN-29278: Microsoft Office Word (DOCX) filter: Cannot import documents containing self-closing w:commentRangeStart tags.
MAN-29265: Microsoft Office Word (DOCX) filter: Failed to import documents with tracked changes having no timestamp specified.
MAN-29292: Microsoft Office Word (DOCX) filter: False warning occurs while importing files to a corpus with the Add alignment pair option.
MAN-29222: Microsoft Office Word (DOCX) filter: Font of some of the text in tables changes to Calibri in exported files.
BUG-545: Microsoft Outlook Email (MSG) filter: memoQ doesn't export changes made to the document attached to the email message.
MAN-29284: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: An error in how cell formatting is processed causes that workbooks cannot be imported using a cascading filter consisting of a combination of a MuLi filter and a Regex Tagger.
MAN-29185: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Bug CELLSNET-46293 in the Aspose library prevents certain Excel workbooks from importing.
MAN-29281: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Cannot join segments imported from a specific workbook cell.
BUG-589: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: CSV files with a variable number of columns fail to import.
MAN-29297: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Error when trying to export a document with formatted emoticon character.
MAN-29287: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Failed to import Excel workbook with empty sheets.
MAN-29022: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Failure to import CSV files with improperly configured tab separator.
MAN-29255: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Horizontal alignment of text is changed in the exported Excel workbook.
MAN-29350: Multilingual Delimited Text (CSV, XLSX) filter: Unexpected bold and normal formatting in imported Excel workbooks.
MAN-29238: Online muse is missing from memoQ Server's backup.
MAN-29220: OpenDocument (ODT) filter: Import fails for some particular files.
BUG-526: Preview may fail to show contents in large blocks of text without a new line.
MAN-29158: Project-level LQA report considers only the first document's word count for score normalization.
MAN-2561: QTerm: Cannot import a specific Excel file into a QTerm termbase.
MAN-2546: QTerm: Entries contain unexpected wildcard characters.
MAN-2567: QTerm: Entry from CSV import misplaced.
BUG-688: QTerm: Linking behavior is inconsistent in QTerm metadata entries.
MAN-2557: QTerm: The "Browse term base" link generates an error in Safari.
MAN-2562: QTerm: With the "English (Any)" option, QTerm does not return entries from all language variants (sublanguages).
BUG-662: Resources API: TermbaseController.Update throws if the entry contains more than one new term.
BUG-485: Resources API: The tbs method returns all TBs instead of just one.
MAN-29032: Reviewer 2 progress is not updated on the Project Dashboard.
BUG-534: Rigi: Changing translation has no effect in Rigi viewer.
BUG-557: Rigi: In some cases, wrong strings are updated in Rigi.
MAN-29296: SDL Trados Studio Project Package (SDLPPX) filter: Failed to import packages containing corrupted nested termbases.
MAN-29259: SDL Trados Studio Project Package (SDLPPX) filter: Improper white space handling around comments causes exporting SDLXLIFF files from SDLPPX packages to fail.
MAN-29260: SDL Trados Studio XLIFF (SDLXLIFF) filter: Failed to import corrupted files containing comments but lacking the comment catalog.
MAN-29301: SDL Trados Studio XLIFF (SDLXLIFF) filter: Failed to import file with tracked changes.
MAN-2555: Security: memoQWeb is vulnerable to Reflected XSS attacks via maliciously formed filenames.
MAN-2554: Security: memoQWeb PM vulnerable to Stored XSS attacks via Logo URL.
MAN-2573: Security: memoQWeb vulnerable to Stored XSS attacks via payload script.
MAN-2544: Security: memoQWebTrans vulnerable to Stored XSS attacks.
MAN-29214: Security: ZIP file import is vulnerable to Zip Slip attacks.
MAN-29294: Selection in the "Resolve errors and warnings" window jumps back to the first fixed segment when using the "Hide Ignored Items" option.
BUG-546: Server Administrator window is not refreshed after switching to a different server.
MAN-29323: Some translation memories and termbases are lost from the checked-out local copy of an online project.
MAN-29242: Subvendor cannot launch the project.
MAN-29295: Switching back to a filtered document with zero results causes memoQ to crash.
MAN-29304: Task tracker does not open the result of the change-tracked report.
MAN-29020: The Auto-Assign automated action fails if the user did not want to assign anyone to a specific role.
MAN-29023: The Cancel and Finish buttons are misaligned on the "Check for updates" window.
MAN-29256: The Details pane of documents does not show Regex Tagger in the Filter configuration field.
MAN-29245: Timer for editing time doesn't stop on some PCs when the user moves to the next segment without confirming the current one.
MAN-29012: TM-driven segmentation is not working as expected.
MAN-29258: Two-column RTF filter: Importing edits from Two-column RTF with track changes enabled ignores formatting.
MAN-29338: Unable to restore archived project after deleting one of its termbases.
BUG-455: Unlocking a row on Resolve Errors and Warnings prevents the warning to be ignored.
MAN-2543: With track changes enabled, pressing Backspace always deletes text from the beginning.
MAN-29343: WordPress WPML (XLIFF) filter: HTML entities within segments caused WordPress shortcode contents to be imported.
BUG-611: Working/Master TM reverts to Master role only when adding a TM to a different target language in a multilingual project.
MAN-29251: WorldServer Project Package (WSXZ) filter: No file names in statistics exported to CSV format.
MAN-29262: WS-API: ConfirmAndUpdateResultInfo.DocErrors would be an empty array if there was no error during the C&U.
BUG-580: WS-API: The ExportTranslationDocument method exports the wrong language variant in a special case.
MAN-29275: XLIFF filter: Cannot import memoQ XLIFF files containing version history.
MAN-29016: XLIFF filter: Fail to import files in which split segments belonging together shall be skipped but could be joined.
MAN-29243: XLIFF filter: HTML entities may cause errors and block importing documents.
BUG-562: XLIFF filter: Warning about missing pictures upon export.
MAN-29351: XML filter: Embedded JSON blocks with invalid comment syntax produces error about insufficient memory during import.
MAN-29344: ZIP filter: Composite filters of ZIP and MuLi Text filters shouldn't be allowed.

The image we have chosen for this Change Log pictures the construction of the Manhattan Bridge. By Irving Underhill. Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons