Change log update 8.7.10

  • 03 April 2019
  • by The memoQ Team
Change log update 8.7.10

Here comes the latest build for memoQ 8.7, fresh with fixes! Thanks to everyone who reported.

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.


BUG-1273: Adobe InDesign (IDML, INDD) filter: Endnotes are not imported under specific circumstances
BUG-754: Auto-translated items like measuring units translated to Hebrew may generate QA errors and appear in wrong order
BUG-1355: Cannot merge duplicates in moderated termbases
BUG-1358: Can't launch projects with multiple termbases and empty documents
BUG-1383: Clicking the "Do not press this button" button may open a profiler window
BUG-1274: Concordance may not return results with the "Add wildcards to selected text" option turned off in English to Chinese (Taiwan) projects
BUG-1193: Could not export some documents containing both tracked changes and joined segments
BUG-1094: Dragging-and-dropping a selected word to the next segment hides the caret
BUG-1324: Edit distance report with fuzzy distance measurement option shows 0 segments/words in the "Machine translated" category
BUG-1306: Edit distance statistics created using the Fuzzy and the Levenshtein distance reports yields in different word counts
BUG-1139: Error when running pre-translate on slices in multilingual project
BUG-1041: Error when wrapping up an opened online project
BUG-976: Exporting with version comparison on adds/deletes spaces around edited words
BUG-1259: False QA error "Wrong sequence of punctuation marks" received when a specific punctuation mark is defined both as left and right bracket/quote
BUG-1022: False warning about missing non-translatable word if it was added to a Non-translatable list with a tailing space
BUG-1348: Generating a "Document ready for export" alert twice may cause some documents to fail to export from the online project management window, while you can export them from a local copy
BUG-1275: Importing termbases exported from SDL MultiTerm in XML format may fail for unexpected data in the XML file
BUG-1316: LiveDocs alignment may not store context information, yielding in no 101% matches
BUG-1173: LQA model is not applied to documents upon import, and the availability of the project-level LQA model is not communicated clearly
BUG-1362: Machine Translation: Altlang MT: Credentials are not saved
BUG-1003: memoQ Server Resources API: The TB search method returns exception for missing QTerm license
BUG-1376: memoQ Server WS-API: Cannot set default LiveDocs settings for projects
BUG-1309: memoQ Server WS-API: The ImportTranslationDocumentsWithFilterConfigResource method does not observe filter configuration parameter in a special case
BUG-1191: memoQWeb: Cannot accept and reject sections of tracked changes in documents
BUG-1323: memoQWeb: For Korean target language, if you click another segment while entering Korean text to one, the text appears in this other segment
BUG-830: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX) filter: Some contents are imported from hidden slides in spite of the option to import hidden slides is disabled
BUG-1327: Microsoft Visio (VSD, VSDX) filter: Cannot import a particular VSDX file for an error saying "The character we try to remove is not the removable starting whitespace character"
BUG-943: PDF filter: The TransPDF import process incorrectly displays error message for password-protected files claiming storage space run out
BUG-1313: Plain Text filter: Horizontal tab (ASCII 09) is converted to internal memoQ tag {1}
BUG-647: Progress of current action and total progress moves in sync when exporting alignments from a LiveDocs to a TM
BUG-1192: Project creation from template prompts about changed source language even if the template has no language configured
BUG-1194: QTerm: Match type and stemming pipe character lost on TBX import
BUG-1377: QTerm: Some fields may not be imported from XCS files
BUG-960: Reference TMs are selected for only one target language for template-based projects
BUG-1339: Regex Text filter: Horizontal tab (ASCII 09) is converted to internal memoQ tag {1}
BUG-1220: Reimporting many files at once may cause memoQ to freeze before opening the status window
BUG-1330: SDL Trados Document (SDLXLIFF) filter: Cannot import a specific SDLXLIFF document for a missing argument
BUG-1264: SDL Trados Studio Package (SDLPPX) filter: Cannot create an SDL return package because of a corruption
BUG-1310: SDL Trados Studio Package (SDLPPX) filter: Termbases containing a language more than once cannot be imported from SDL packages
BUG-1272: Star Transit Project (PPF, PXF) filter: Target language is set to Meänkieli instead of Finnish
BUG-1314: The "Selected scope" label on the Pre-translate dialog shows all the characters in a document even if a smaller Scope (such as Selection) radio button is selected
BUG-520: The "Users cannot deliver documents with QA errors" project creation option is not observed
BUG-1284: The figures for normalized edit distance are different when running Edit Distance report from the ribbon and when taking a look at the generated report under project overview page
BUG-1204: Unexpected "Index out of range" error returned when running QA on a particular SDL document
BUG-1172: Unit conversion specified in an auto-translation rules setting fails if a non-breaking space separates the number and the unit
BUG-775: You may receive an error when a forbidden term is part of another term in the target segment

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