Your Key to Success in Localization

  • 28 September 2018
  • by The memoQ Team
Your Key to Success in Localization

When we started developing memoQ back in 2004, we allocated much of our efforts into building a super powerful translation memory engine, which is, to this day, the core of the software. Then came the built-in term base, along with other modules such as quality assurance, LiveDocs, and all the functionality that makes up what memoQ is today.

But memoQ is more than just a translation editor - it is also a means of communication between clients, project managers, translators and reviewers, and that has also been in our minds from the very inception of the tool. Fourteen years have gone by since then, and logically, the needs and demands from the translation and business world has changed dramatically. This is why the range of our services has expanded extensively.

Today, we can proudly state that our software helps companies all over the world to step out of the shadows, increase their international brand awareness and market share. We do not believe that memoQ leads companies straight to success, but we do think our tool is a key that empowers organizations and enables them to unleash their international potential. In this article we share a few reasons why memoQ could be the key to your international business strategy.

Get started easily

Yes, we know, getting started with new software can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. At memoQ, we do everything we can to get you up and running as quickly as possible. A technical support team is ready to serve you 24 hours during weekdays and help you with any potential challenge you may face during implementation and workflow creation. Our support team will assist you with everything from settings, customization, integrations, and process management to complete optimization.

Support your team with effective communication

Communication is key for any translation team, whether an in-house department at a multinational organization, or freelancers working for a language service provider. Communication is particularly critical for project managers, to give clear directions and provide feedback when needed. memoQ has two features that support communication for collaboration scenarios: live chat and discussions. Both of them help reduce the number of emails sent during a project’s lifecycle, and allow translation teams to work seamlessly in order to produce quality results and meet project deadlines.

Rely on the expert team behind you

When you are considering a software for localizing your content, it is important to see the history of the tool provider and their references. Did you know the founders of memoQ were translators during the early stages of their career? This is not coincidental: in fact, it is part of our organizational DNA. Until today, our team is filled with plenty of professionals with translation background. Providing effective solutions requires understanding problems first - otherwise it would be impossible for us to establish ourselves as trend setters in the translation technology industry.

“memoQ server is great when working on larger translation projects or with more than one translator. It's capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously – each one with lots of translation resources (TMs, TBs, LiveDocs etc.). It comes with an API, plug-ins for third party providers, an web -interface, server-to-server connections and a great community! Most of the features improve the translation quality. It’s possible to handle 99 per cent of the files out there using pre-built filters. And there’s always an easy workaround for that missing 1 per cent – and if needed – supported by the memoQ support team. Customization and implementation for business or workflow specific tasks is also easy to do (…)”

Tailor memoQ to your business needs

We know that every company is unique and has different needs, team set-ups and workflows. This is the reason why we have put flexibility at the center of our development approach, and why you can tailor memoQ to the localization needs of your own organization. With memoQ, you can easily create projects, add as many settings as you require, and provide access to your team members according to their tasks and responsibilities. By making these processes clearer, everything becomes more transparent and you are provided with a clear project history.

Join our growing community

If you are thinking of getting memoQ for your organization, one thing you should be certain is that you won’t be alone! One of the things we love the most about our software is that it has created such great communities. There are Facebook, Linkedin and Yahoo groups, Twitter hashtags, and even a very special event for memoQ users. Every year, memoQfest gathers around 250 professionals from organizations using memoQ, as well as other experienced members of the translation and technology landscape. This is the perfect place to learn from other organizations who are also dealing with localization, and grasp the latest market trends in this industry.

Apart from memoQfest and all the social groups, you are also invited to join our latest initiatives, the Customer Insights Program and the Referral Program. The first initiative is for you to help us improve and contribute to our product development roadmap. The second was crafted to help our users spread the word about memoQ and get some credits in return for their efforts. Ultimately, our goal is to create a cohesive and solidary community.

Measure the return on your investment

We like to think of memoQ as the driving tool in your organization’s effort for going global. Above all, we want you to feel that localization is not a cost, but rather an investment that opens up new possibilities. Of course, investments are never worth if you can’t get them back in terms of new revenue and nobody knows this better than our customers.

We reached out to our customers to understand the importance of ROI, and this is what they said. 8 out of 10 rated ROI as a key element to their business, but almost 60% of them have problems measuring it effectively.

In the very same survey we also asked where they felt memoQ had helped them improve the most, and the top answers were:

  • an overall reduction in translation costs, mainly thanks to advanced translation memory technology,
  • automation of project creation and delivery, as well as reporting, which leads to process transparency that opens rooms for optimization,
  • higher translation quality, thanks to the consistent implementation of automated (formal) and linguistic quality assurance.
But as a general rule of thumb, numbers are less important than actual user experience, and this is another area where our software excels.

We would like you to give it a try and this is why we offer a 30-day free trial for our server solution. If you decide to join us, we will do everything to help you conquer new markets by localizing content effectively.

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