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Find your muses! - Intermediate course into memoQ productivity

Presenter: Lone Beheshty

This webinar gives a introduction of the memoQ user interface, project creation process and the translation editor while focusing on productivity boosting features. Discover how to increase your translation throughout by up to 30% with predictive typing features like AutoPick and Muses. See how to use memoQ’s powerful WebSearch functionality and how to download, process and set up an EU translation memory in memoQ.


Introducción a memoQ para traductores

Presenter: Daniela Spinoza

Este es un seminario web introductorio de memoQ translator pro. En el mismo se presentan las funcionalidades básicas de memoQ: Creación de proyectos de traducción, trabajar con memorias de traducción y glosarios, la herramienta LiveDocs y cómo utilizar templates (plantillas).


memoQ and the wide world

Presenter: Angelika Zerfass

This webinar shows how you can make memoQ work for you from other locations, other tools.

Topics covered:  working with server projects (from a translator's point of view); working with packages from memoQ and other tools; working with bilingual files from other tools; creating bilingual files for other users; snapshots.


Regex: Basic course for beginners - part 3

Presenter: Miklós Urbán

This is the third part of a series of webinars on regex. Please watch part 1 and 2 before getting started with this one.


Make it comfy! Adjust memoQ to your needs.

Presenter: Angelika Zerfass

Did you know that you have ample options to create your preferred work environment in memoQ? In this webinar you will learn some useful tips about how you can adjust memoQ to your way of working.


Regex – Basic course for beginners - part 2

Presenter: Mikós Urbán

Prerequisite is to watch the previous regex for beginners course. This course will build on that knowledge. Topics to be covered: using regex bricks eg. character sets, named groups, exception lists, checking the boundaries (look ahead and behind). We will use the expressions in the regex based features of memoQ (autotranslation rules, segmentation rules, regex based searches, regex based QA).

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