Get started with memoQ

memoQ is a very powerful tool that individuals and companies use to improve their productivity. However, getting started with it requires some learning. The best way to get started is to watch an introductory video or read the quick start guide for translators or project managers. Once you have a little experience, we recommend you to register for the online training courses.

If you are new to translation software we recommend to read the following introductory pages where you can learn about the basic concepts in our industry:

Recommended guides

If you want to start using memoQ quickly, just read the Quick Start Guide for translators or project managers. If you have trouble installing memoQ see the installation and activation and the licensing guides.


Training courses

Make full use of memoQ - get trained now! The two free online training options for translators and project managers get you started and certified, but you can also turn to our memoQ trainers to ask for tailored on-site and online trainings.

Latest videos

If you prefer watching to reading, you're at the right place. We offer a lot of short videos that explain the different concepts in memoQ.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is an easy-to-search database of solutions. If memoQ does not start or you experience problems exporting a file, this is where you should look. If you receive an error message, you can also search for a part of the message, and the Knowledge Base will show you how to solve the issues. If you are looking to get information, and the guides don't give enough explanation, also look into the Knowledge Base.
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