The following guides and videos give you information no matter if you are starting out with memoQ or you are an expert user. If you are responsible for evaluating, selecting and deploying a memoQ server at your organization, please check the guides for project managers about functionality and check the guides for administrators about setting up the server. The guides for server administrators provide valuable information for those who set up and configure the memoQ server. General guides give you essential information about the use of the software, whereas feature-specific guides give you information about certain functionalities.
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Guides Download
General Guides

Installation and Activation guide (memoQ 8.1 - English) Download

This guide explains how you can install memoQ and get a trial license, or set up your final license.

Getting Started with memoQ (memoQ 8.1 - English) Download

Guides you through your first translation in memoQ, from beginning to final delivery.

Feature Specific Guides

Framemaker documents in memoQ (English) Download

This guide explains how you can work with structured or unstructured Framemaker documents in memoQ. Contributed by Douglas McCarthy, Open Globe.

Introduction to regular expressions in memoQ (English) Download

Regular expressions offer a powerful way to work with patterns in your texts. memoQ can detect, check and protect certain patterns, and also uses regular expressions for configuring import filters. This guide explains the basics of regular expressions and how you can use regex in memoQ.

Video Library

memoQ Adriatic Highlights


This video highlights new features in memoQ Adriatic.


Finances and sales highlights | memoQ Adriatic


This video highlights finances and sales features in memoQ Adriatic and Language Terminal.


Client management highlights | memoQ Adriatic


This video highlights client management features in memoQ Adraitic and Language Terminal.