Translation products

memoQ translator pro

is designed for individual translators and reviewers who work on their own, or with other translators. It provides all translation-related functionality available in memoQ and also enables translators to connect to the memoQ server.

memoQ project manager

is designed to allow project managers at translation companies and other companies to create, assign, and manage projects for translation and review. Combine this edition with a memoQ server for optimum project management efficiency.

memoQ cloud server

is a software as a service application that offers cutting edge cloud-based translation management. memoQ cloud server offers the power and sophistication of the memoQ server - but you don't need to hassle with software installation and you only pay a as you go.


memoQ server

is a full-fledged enterprise translation management system. No matter if you work with an internal team, or outsource work to translation companies or freelance translators, the memoQ server helps you achieve your goals.


memoQ translator free

is the basic software your trial version turns into at the end of the evaluation period if you choose not to purchase a license. It has only basic translation memory and term base functionality and does not help you in large projects.


Language Terminal

makes managing your translation jobs much easier. Whether you are preparing a quote, sharing translation resources or reviewing your work, Language Terminal helps you deliver great results.

Versions and features

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Compatibility and extensions

memoQ was always famous about providing 100% compatibility with all major translation tools in order to make work easier for translators, reviewers and project managers. A wealth of export and import filters are also built in to let you work with almost any file format you receive and submit your translations in the same format. Check compatibility, read about the file formats supported and read about all the server add-ons.


memoQ is integrated with workflow and project management tools from different vendors, machine translation tools and many others in order to provide you an integrated, seamless experience. Read the details about our major integrations!