Upgrade benefits for individual translators

Upgrade benefits for individual translators

This section lists some of the new enhancements in memoQ translator pro and outlines some of the many benefits of upgrading for individual translators.
  • Major productivity enhancements
    Since 2004 there have been 14 major releases of memoQ and each one brought important productivity enhancements. The latest release of memoQ has a lot of functionality which will make translators more effective and more productive. The following are three short examples, just check out our new release announcement webinars for more details.
    Project templates and workflow automation
    Project templates and workflow automation save 80% of the clicks for project setup and management. They automate project creation, ongoing management and project wrap-up by allowing you to decide how you want project organised once and using this many times. You can also do statistics and pre-translation at the same time, and import multiple documents using multiple process cores - and this means that you can start working faster.

    Compatibility with other tools
    memoQ has always placed emphasis on being able to deal with file formats from other tools. In memoQ 2014 we enhance this with among other things, functionality for dealing with terminology from SDL Trados Studio and STAR Transit packages.

    Views are collections of segments which the translator has selected to work on. In memoQ 2014 you can finally join several files together or split them for editing and still see a preview.
  • Great value
    First year: Upgrade and support included
    When you buy software from Kilgray you get the first year’s support and upgrade free. This means that you are entitled to any new version of the software you have purchased during that year. You can also use our support service at any time.

    Second year and on: Support and upgrades for 20%
    After the first year you only have to pay 20% of the current list price and get access to support and upgrades during that year. Over the last five years, Kilgray has released two major versions of memoQ per year, so you only pay about 10% of the list price for an upgrade, coupled with support - that's a very friendly package, isn't it?
  • Great support
    Kilgray is working hard to ensure that we have the sort of support for our products which our customers deserve.
    Extended availability hours
    Front line support:
    • Monday-Friday: starting on Monday at 06:00 AM CET (Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin) / 12:00 AM EDT (New York, Boston) / 01:00 PM JST (Tokyo) / 12 PM CST (Beijing) and finish on Saturday morning at the same time.
    • Saturday: starting at 10:00 AM CET/05:00 AM EDT/06:00 PM JST/04:00 PM CST until 06:00 AM CET/12:00 PM EDT/01:00 AM JST/12:00 AM CST.
    • Sunday: we provide courtesy support and answer urgent tickets only that prevent work or delivery.

    Support tickets arriving within these timeframes are answered faster and of course all tickets arriving in the off hours are sometimes answered promptly but surely answered on the next day. We also answer emergency support queries on Sundays.                    
    Staffed to provide quick answers
    If you encounter any problem, a team of eight people is here to help you. If there is a peak in support requests, an additional eight people help out. For more complex support issues, there is also a number of people who work on second level and developer support.  

    Solving your problems quickly
    No company’s support is perfect. However, we work hard at trying to provide the best support for our customers. We have eight people working full-time on support as well as additional people that get called in for more complex cases. We understand that if a customer has a problem it needs to be addressed urgently, because you have delivery deadlines. We believe this focus on solving customer issues quickly is an important reason for choosing memoQ, and you can continue to be entitled to the same great support if you extend your support and upgrade agreement.

    Your feedback is important!
    We listen to each and every customer equally and with respect. Should it be an urgent software problem, an opinion, a feature request or a wowing testimonial message you can be sure your message reaches the right people within the company. If there is a significant support issue which requires team efforts, it will be brought to the attention of the CEO very soon after it is raised.