CAT tools | Computer Assisted Translation Software

Why do I need CAT tools?

Translate faster

More and more, translators need to meet tighter deadlines. CAT tools like memoQ translator pro can help translators increase their performance to comply with client's demands.
CAT tools run on translation memories, which are the core of translation technology. A translation memory stores your translations in a database and helps you reuse them, so you can handle language repetition throughout your project faster.  

Translate accurate

Consistency and accuracy in terminology are within the most critical elements in translation projects in every vertical market, from pharma to legal and finance.

CAT tools such as memoQ translator pro have integrated term bases that help project managers and translators standardize and use terminology consistently.

Why use CAT Tools?

This short eBook is intended for translators and translation students who are not sure what exactly a CAT tool does and how it can benefit them.

memoQ translator pro

memoQ translator pro is a computer-assisted translation tool which runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Download a free 30-day trial version!

What does it look like?

Voilà, this is what most CAT tools look like! This is the interface where translators work day and night. It is made up of four areas.
Translation grid in memoQ

The ribbon: just like Microsoft Word, CAT tools like memoQ have a top ribbon where you will find commands. memoQ’s ribbon was carefully designed to follow the typical workflow of a translator. 

The translation grid: This is where translators translate. The left column is for a document’s source language and the right one is for the target.

The translation results table: As you translate, CAT tools will assist your work in the background. In this table you can find translation suggestions coming from different databases: translation memories, term bases, live corpora, etc.

An HTML preview pane, where you can visualize how your translation will look like once you export it.