Translation software encompasses technologies such as machine translation, spell-checking, word-processing, translation memory, and terminology management. Today there are several types of translation software available on the market. Enterprises and translation companies usually need that their translators use these tools when working on their localization projects.

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At Kilgray Translation Technologies, we develop translation software solutions for freelance translators, translation companies, and enterprises.

memoQ translator pro

The CAT-tool of choice for freelance translators. It boosts translation productivity and increases the accurarcy of the translation work. memoQ translator pro is easy to learn and use, and will take your translation skills to the next level!

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memoQ server

memoQ server is the translation management system of choice for enterprises and translation companies all over the world. Implement autoamted workflows and rely less on the individual skills of project managers.

memoQ project manager


memoQ project manager is a computer assisted translation environment designed to manage translations projects and increase productivity. It features functionality to ease management work in translation.

memoQ cloud

memoQ cloud is a software as a service (SAAS) application that offers cloud-based translation management. memoQ cloud server is available for monthly subscription fees!

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