Virtual memoQ Summit – Europe

July 2, 2020
Online Event - Hosted through Zoom
memoQ Virtual Event

Following the success of its virtual event on 27 May, memoQ Translation Technologies organizes a virtual event on 2 July 2020 (11:00 - 17:30 CEST) to meet their existing and future users online.

We at memoQ understand the importance of connections and would never miss any opportunity to meet our community - even in a virtual environment.

memoQ's Virtual Summit - Europe features sessions on translation workflow optimization and improving ROI, case studies from translation industry thought leaders, hands-on information from translation companies and enterprises, as well as insights into memoQ's development roadmap.

There is no memoQ event without networking; we are looking forward to meeting you in our virtual bar after the summit!

An event designed for server users

memoQ's Virtual Summit is designed for translation companies and enterprise customers.

Sessions feature case studies, processes and concepts that help project managers, localization managers, localization engineers to optimize the entire workflow and supports decision makers to further develop their business.


You can sign up for the event by completing the following form in less than a minute. Although this is an online event and requires less efforts and logistics than e.g. a memoQfest in Budapest, we'd like you to register and reserve your virtual seats by 1 July 2020 at the latest. That would help us a lot!

Should you have any questions concerning the registration or the event itself, please contact Sandor Papp.

What if I am not a memoQ user?

This event was not designed for memoQ users only: everyone who believes technology is crucial to business is very welcome to join. We are very much looking forward to meeting both our existing and future clients.

Pre-conference Program

11:30 - 12:50 (CEST): Workflow Optimization Master Class
Jure Dernovsek (Solution Engineer, memoQ)
Levente Galbáts (Solution Engineer, memoQ)

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Main Conference Program

13:00 - 13:05 (CEST): Welcome session & introduction
Bruno Bitter (COO, VP Global Sales & Marketing, memoQ)

13:05 - 13:20 (CEST): Who are your memoQ team and what can they do for you?
Dominika Olszewska (Head of Hub CEE & Nordics, memoQ)
Ulrich Fricke (Head of DACH, Benelux, Australia and New Zealand, memoQ)
Bernardo Santos (Head of Hub WEMEA, memoQ)

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13:20 - 13:45 (CEST): The silent project killer – lack of risk management
Marianna Nagy (Business Solutions Manager, EDIMART)

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13:45 - 14:05 PM (CEST): From chaos to templates. And back to chaos?
Cristi Rosu (New Business & Innovation Director, Casa de Traduceri)

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14:05 - 14:15 (CEST): Networking & Coffee Break

14:15 - 15:00 (CEST): Translation management with memoQ
Agnes Varga (Development Team Lead, memoQ)
Veronika Pándi (Product Owner, memoQ)

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15:00 - 15:30 (CEST): Can speech technologies make translators and revisers better, not just faster?
Dr Alina Secară (University of Leeds)
Dr Dragoş Ciobanu (University of Leeds)

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15:30 - 15:40 (CEST): Coffee Break & Networking

15:40 - 16:20 (CEST): Transforming Project Management
Sophie Halbeisen (Director of Business Development, Plunet)
Boguslaw Reich (Product Owner, XTRF)
Volodymyr Kukharenko (Founder, Protemos)

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16:20 - 16:45 (CEST): Machine Translation and Voice Recognition – faithful partners or quarrelling siblings?
David Hardisty (Freelance translator, teacher of CAT Tools at FCSH/NOVA University in Lisbon, Portugal)
Marco Neves (Owner, Eurologos translation agency, teacher of CAT Tools at FCSH/NOVA University in Lisbon, Portugal)

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16:45 - 17:15 (CEST): There is no such thing as a commodity (Keynote Presentation)
Richard Brooks (CEO, K International)

During times of recession suppliers to an industry will get squeezed and asked for rebates/reductions, selling products/services as commodities makes this process easier and you end up winning in a race to zero.

Early economic indicators suggest this downturn will be severe and far-reaching. Now (more than ever before) is the time to sell value. Let's explore what that means and how we can position ourselves to benefit.

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17:15 - Closing remarks
Bruno Bitter (COO, VP Global Sales & Marketing, memoQ)

Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Bruno Bitter // COO, memoQ

Bruno Bitter is the Chief Operating Officer and the Head of Global Sales & Marketing at memoQ. Since he joined the company in 2017, he has built an integrated sales-marketing team, launched a premium tech-consulting unit called Business Services, established the memoQ Gaming Unit to dedicate resources for the gaming market, revamped the memoQ brand, grown memoQ cloud business 150% since 2017, among many other achievements.

Richard Brooks
BROOKS, Richards

Richard Brooks is the CEO of Language Service Provider K International. He holds a triple certified MBA from Cranfield School of Management majoring in economics and finance. He has completed and contributed to numerous educational programs Worldwide and co-written several publications on topics of interest. Having spent 25 years in the language industry he is currently serving as an executive board member for European Language Industry Association and is a former executive board member for the ALC.
Outside of the language industry Richard is an active investor in several technology and green startups and an active participant in various academic societies on the topic of B2B sales and marketing.

Dragos Ciobanu
CIOBANU, Dr Dragoș

Dr Dragoș Ciobanu is Associate Professor in Translation Studies in the University of Leeds Centre for Translation Studies, specializing in Computer- Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, collaborative translation and training practices, as well as speech technologies in the translation workflow. He collaborates with Language Service Providers from around the world and trains heads of translation units and senior linguists from EU and UN Institutions to maximize the use of language and project management technologies.

Sophie Halbeisen

Sophie Halbeisen is the Director of Business Development at Plunet Inc. in New York and has been working with the company since January 2014. Sophie has an undergrad degree in business management, a master’s degree in Finance and has 12 years of work experience in B2B sales, marketing and consulting in the US and Germany. Her main focus and expertise is workflow consulting for new client installations as well as optimization potentials for existing Plunet customers. She has been involved in more than 60 successful new implementations and manages more than 100 existing client accounts in North and South America.

David Hardisty

David Hardisty is a freelance translator (European Portuguese – British English) and a teacher of CAT Tools at FCSH/NOVA University in Lisbon, Portugal.

Volodymyr Kukharenko

Volodymyr Kukharenko has been working in translation and localization industry for 20 years. After working 5 years as translator and editor, he switched to managing projects and translation teams. In another 5 years, he founded and managed a translation company which is currently one of the biggest and fastest-growing in Ukraine. In 2015 he started Protemos to create software and help LSPs to manage their business processes.

Marianna Nagy
NAGY, Marianna

I am a translation industry professional, a Certified Localization Project Manager with over 15 years of experience in managing translation projects. For many years, I was responsible for leading, training and building the project manager team as well as supervise the projects. Recently, I have more focus on optimizing workflows and driving changes within the organization to gain efficiency through automated workflows and by rolling out tools that ensure quality and improving processes, such as implementing a PMI-based project management methodology.

Marco Neves
NEVES, Marco

Marco Neves is the owner of Eurologos translation agency and a teacher of CAT Tools at FCSH/NOVA University in Lisbon, Portugal.

Veronika Pandi
PÁNDI, Veronika

Veronika has a strong LSP background: she oversaw software localization projects into 40 languages, dealing with a substantial translator pool as well as dozens of special file formats, and introducing various CAT tools.

As memoQ's product owner, her main focus is the project management and engineering aspect of the translation lifecycle: workflows, automation, import filters and the like.

Boguslaw Reich
REICH, Boguslaw

XTRF’s product owner since 2019. Before joining XTRF, Bogusław worked for over four years as a Project Manager at Argos Multilingual – one of the leading LSPs in Poland. He also has prior experience in the area of content management and localization. Overall, he has over 10 years of experience in the localization industry in various roles.

ROSU, Cristi

You could say I'm that guy. You know, that one person that you always call to help you with something on your computer. Started in DTP and the moved to Project Management. Implemented CAT and project management software in the company, and handled most of the specific CAT tools projects. Went one step higher to Head of the Project Management Department. Now, I'm in charge of New Business and Innovation. Basically, just a way of saying I handle whatever's new. Something I've been doing from the beginning, implementing new processes, new ideas, creating new thinking.

SECARA, Dr Alina

Dr Alina Secară is Associate Professor in Translation Studies in the University of Leeds Centre for Translation Studies, where she teaches subtitling, captioning and computer-assisted translation. She is also a freelance Stagetext accredited theatre captioner, working with theatres across the UK to create captions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. She co-managed the Leeds contribution to the EU-funded DigiLing Project (2016– 2019) to create multilingual, multimedia e-learning resources for digital linguists.

VARGA, Dr Agnes

Agnes has been with memoQ for 7 years, from which she spent 6 working on memoQ as a software developer. Now she’s working on the “preparation” side as a product owner. Her main area is the new translation memory project.

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