Virtual memoQ Summit – The Americas

May 27, 2020
Online Event - Hosted through Zoom
memoQ Virtual Event

memoQ Translation Technologies organizes a virtual event on 27 May 2020 (11:00 - 15:30 EST) to meet their existing and future users online.

We at memoQ understand the importance of connections and would never miss any opportunity to meet our community - even in a virtual environment.

memoQ's Virtual Summit - The Americas features sessions on translation workflow optimization and improving ROI, case studies from translation industry thought leaders, a keynote presentation, hands-on information from translation companies and enterprises, as well as insights into memoQ's development roadmap.

There is no memoQ event without networking; we are looking forward to meeting you in our virtual bar after the summit!

An event designed for server users

'memoQ's Virtual Summit - The Americas' is the first virtual event memoQ organizes for translation companies and enterprise customers.

Sessions feature case studies, processes and concepts that help project managers, localization managers, localization engineers to optimize the entire workflow and supports decision makers to further develop their business.


You can sign up for the event by completing the following form in less than a minute. Although this is an online event and requires less efforts and logistics than e.g. a local memoQ summit in Toronto, we'd like you to register and reserve your virtual seats by 25 May 2020 at the latest. That would help us a lot!

Should you have any questions concerning the registration or the event itself, please contact Sandor Papp.

What if I am not a memoQ user?

This event was not designed for memoQ users only: everyone who believes technology is crucial to business is very welcome to join. We are very much looking forward to meeting both our existing and future clients.


11.00 AM - 11.05 AM (EST): Welcome session & introduction
Bruno Bitter (COO, Head of Sales & Marketing, memoQ)

11.05 AM - 11.20 AM (EST): Who are your memoQ team and what can they do for you?
Sandra Paulini (Senior Customer Success Manager & Team Lead Americas, memoQ)
Bruno Bitter (COO, Head of Sales & Marketing, memoQ)

11.20 AM - 11.50 AM (EST): Mini memoQ case study (ERP > memoQ > ERP)
Richard Sikes (Solution Architect, memoQ)

11.50 AM - 12.40 PM (EST): Transforming Project Management
Sophie Halbeisen (Director of Business Development, Plunet)
Jean-Francois Mur (Founder, consoltec)

Doug Strock (Vice President, GLTaC)
Richard Sikes (Solutions Architect, memoQ)


12.40 PM - 12.55 PM (EST): Networking & Coffee Break


12.55 PM - 1.20 PM (EST): Translation management with memoQ
Agnes Varga (Development Team Lead, memoQ)
Zsolt Varga (Product Owner, memoQ)

1.20 PM - 1.45 PM (EST): The memoQ roadmap
Daniel Bodonyi (Product manager, memoQ)


1.45 PM - 2.00 PM (EST): Coffee Break & Networking


2.00 PM - 2.40 PM (EST): Translation-boosting Technology

John Paul Barraza (CEO, Systran)
Konstantin Savenkov (CEO, Intento)

Robert P Cole (COO, Alexa Translations)

2.40 PM - 3.00 PM (EST): Switching from SDL WorldServer to memoQ (case study)
Dominique Trouche ( President/CEO, WhP)

3.00 PM - 3.30 PM (EST): Keynote Presentation - Finding Your Feet When Going Global
Dierk Runne (Manager, Globalization Systems and Infrastructure, HubSpot)


3.30 PM - 4.30 PM (EST): Roundtable discussions

3.30 PM - 4.00 PM (EST): Workflow Optimization
4.00 PM - 4.30 PM (EST): Machine Translation


4.30 PM (EST): Closing Remarks
Bruno Bitter (COO, Head of Sales & Marketing, memoQ)


4.30 PM - 5.00 PM (EST): Chat open for networking

Speakers (in alphabetical order)

BARRAZA, John Paul

John Paul (JP) Barraza is CEO at SYSTRAN, where he leads the company’s operations in the Americas and Japan, including hosted customer solutions, SaaS solutions, cloud operations, customer support, professional services, and overseeing SYSTRAN technologies’ customization and integration with the broad ecosystem of tools and processes of industry leaders.

With over 16 years of experience in Language Technology and Natural Language Processing, he is familiar with the unique needs of customers in diverse businesses. He has led projects and customer implementations across a wide range of industries, including eCommerce, Defense and Security, eDiscovery, Governance and Compliance, Technical Support, Banking and Finance, Pharmaceutical and Biotech, and Globalization/Localization, amongst others.

He holds a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and an Executive MBA from San Diego State University (SDSU).

Bruno Bitter // COO, memoQ

Bruno Bitter is the Chief Operating Officer and the Head of Global Sales & Marketing at memoQ. Since he joined the company in 2017, he has built an integrated sales-marketing team, launched a premium tech-consulting unit called Business Services, established the memoQ Gaming Unit to dedicate resources for the gaming market, revamped the memoQ brand, grown memoQ cloud business 150% since 2017, among many other achievements.


Daniel joined memoQ in 2019 as one of the company's two product managers. He began his career by co-founding a small translation agency in Budapest, later transitioning into the software industry, where he held management and consulting roles at international software companies and a UN organization in Berlin and Tokyo. He also teaches organizational and project management as well as team management skills in the Data-Driven MBA Program of the International Business School in Budapest. 

COLE, Robert

Robert P Cole is Alexa Translations' Chief Operating Officer.

Alexa Translations is a technological innovator in Artificial Intelligence powered neural machine translation systems.  With nearly a decade of experience of developing MT solutions for a variety of companies Rob has led Alexa Translation’s team of developers to create the patent pending Alexa Translations AI solution specifically for the Canadian market in professional sectors such as law and finance.

Sophie Halbeisen

Sophie Halbeisen is the Director of Business Development at Plunet Inc. in New York and has been working with the company since January 2014. Sophie has an undergrad degree in business management, a master’s degree in Finance and has 12 years of work experience in B2B sales, marketing and consulting in the US and Germany. Her main focus and expertise is workflow consulting for new client installations as well as optimization potentials for existing Plunet customers. She has been involved in more than 60 successful new implementations and manages more than 100 existing client accounts in North and South America.

MUR, Jean-François

Jean-François Mur is the founder and president of Consoltec.

Jean-François holds a master's degree in artificial intelligence in computer engineering and has been working in the development of translation project management applications for nearly 20 years. He has developed his expertise in the translation industry as the architect of the FlowFit solution. Jean-François is dedicated to providing expertise and cutting-edge technology in translation project management systems and offers his clients high-quality solutions tailored to their needs.

Sandra Paulini

Sandra is memoQ's Senior Customer Success Manager as well as the Team Lead of memoQ Americas. Having 35 years of experience in the localization industry and being a memoQ user for almost 10 years, Sandra functions as a 'bridge' between the team and memoQ's client base in the Americas. She leads memoQ's NASA team with a flexible, yet professional approach that makes the tool (as well as our industry) tempting.

RUNNE, Dierk

A localization professional with several years experience across multiple industries, Dierk is Manager for Globalization Systems and Infrastructure at HubSpot, a leading provider of marketing, sales, service, and CRM software. In this capacity, he is responsible for selecting, maintaining, and developing HubSpot's localization tech stack, shepherding the localization of HubSpot's software offerings, and supporting HubSpot's localization team in order to ensure efficient workflows.

SAVENKOV, Konstantin

Konstantin Savenkov is CEO of Intento, Inc. After earning a PhD in 2008, he led research and development efforts for online content services, then worked as CTO at Zvooq and as a chief operating officer at Bookmate. In 2016, he contributed his experience in artificial intelligence (AI), tech and operations to launch Intento, Inc., where they build tools to discover, evaluate and integrate best-of-breed MT and other cognitive AI services.

Richard Sikes
SIKES, Richard

Richard Sikes is one of memoQ's highly appreciated Solution Architects. He has been immersed in technical translation and localization for over 30 years. He is passionate about linguistic technologies of all kinds and spends much of his time deploying technology solutions. Richard has managed localization teams at several industry-leading software companies. He contributes frequently to MultiLingual magazine, and he is well-known as a speaker at translation industry events.

Doug Storck

Doug Strock is the Vice President of Global Language Translations and Consulting, Inc. Prior to joining GLTaC, Doug worked as a global project leader at the Dow Corning Corporation. With over 20 years in the language industry in general and over 15 years working in the EHS industry providing technical translations, he brings a unique overview of the complex linguistic challenges facing the industry.
Doug has an MBA from Oklahoma City University and studied aerospace engineering at the United States Military Academy.

Dominique Trouche
TROUCHE, Dominique

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, Dominique is CEO of WhP since 2005. Before joining WhP, Dominique managed several multinational operations in Europe, the US and South America. Based in Montreal, Dominique strives to make localization rhyme with innovation. His passion for DITA has led him to position WhP as a specialist in DITA localization to help customers enhance multilingual DITA content generation. The company has designed advanced solutions that bridge the gap between DITA and localization processes, leveraging content reuse and collaborative linguistic review. Dominique is an active member of the DITA community, both on and offline and a fervent long distance cyclist.

VARGA, Agnes

Agnes has been with memoQ for 7 years, from which she spent 6 working on memoQ as a software developer. Now she’s working on the “preparation” side as a product owner. Her main area is the new translation memory project.

VARGA, Zsolt

Zsolt earned his MA as a double major of English and History in Hungary, then spent six unforgettable years in Texas, where he earned his PhD in History and taught in secondary and higher education. After his return to Hungary he worked as an ESL teacher and freelance translator, then as translation team leader and linguistic expert for Hungarian LSPs and a college instructor of CAT tools. He joined memoQ in 2016 and is currently one of the proud product owners of our flagship product. His hobbies include swimming, hiking, sim racing and motorsports.

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