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Translation Industry Jargon

This eBook walks you through the most commonly used expressions in the translation industry.

Do You Speak L10N?

This translation industry jargon buster, authored by Gábor Ugray, memoQ founder, walks you through the most commonly used expressions in the translation industry. “I wrote this glossary (initially on my blog) mostly for my own delight, but also to help peers who are trying to cut their way through the translation industry jargon.” Would you like to know the meaning of expressions such as alignment, concordance, DITA or regex? This comprehensive glossary (over one hundred pages)  offers you most of the general and specific translation industry jargon. If you are beginning your career as a translator or project manager, just getting started with translation software, or even if you’ve been in the industry awhile, this eBook will come in handy. Download this eBook to learn the language of professionals in the translation industry!

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Translation Industry Jargon