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What is Tmxmall MT plugin?

Tmxmall MT plugin integrates various MT engines and enables users to obtain machine translation results via a single API.

How Does it Work with memoQ?

Tmxmall MT plugin works like other plugins for MT service providers. The MT results are displayed in the translation results and the translator can decide whether to use them. Tmxmall MT plugin enables users to access machine translation providers including Google Translate, Alibaba Translate, Baidu Translate, Sogou Translate, Youdao Translate, NiuTrans, Bing Microsoft Translate, CloudTranslation, Amazon Translate, DeepL, Yandex, Tencent TranSmart.

How to Use this Service in memoQ?

To start using the Tmxmall MT plugin, you must have a Tmxmall account and an API key.

You can find a step-by-step guide here.

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