memoQ Users' Idea Portal

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About this Idea Portal


The memoQ Users' Idea Portal has been created and maintained by memoQ for memoQ users. The portal aims to provide a discussion space where we, memoQ users and creators, can discuss together the product's future developments.

How Does it Work?

We invite all memoQ users to the memoQ Users' Idea Portal to:

1. Interact with other users' ideas: Check what others have posted. Support by voting on the ideas you find the most relevant, share your thoughts and amendments by commenting.

2. Share your ideas and insights about memoQ. What are the tasks where memoQ is not giving you sufficient help, or you see room for improvement?
You can start interacting and contributing after a simple registration.
A team of memoQ specialists will review your ideas and comments, and the audience of the portal will also have their say. We guarantee that we will pay close attention to the ideas which attract the highest community support. provides the technical background of the portal. They are our trusted vendor for Product Management software.
The data submitted onto the portal is handled according to the joint code of AHA (Terms of service and Privacy policy) and memoQ (please find our legal overview here).
All registered users can vote once on each idea. The votes can be revoked. You can vote for any number of ideas you would like to support.
Each idea hosts a comment board. Feel free to share your ideas and insights about the given idea.