Hello, memoQ 2013 R2!

memoQ 2013 R2 is a feature rich and powerful software. This section covers only the benefits which have been introduced since memoQ 2013.

Change Logs

memoQ 2013 R2 build 05
November 20, 2013
Several fixes and improvements to new features in R2, particularly monolingual review, new terminology import functions, font substitution, translation packages from online projects
Exporting comments is now optional for DOCX files. The options are under Tools > Options > Miscellaneous > Translation. You can choose to export or not to export comments based on their severity level, or chose to export all comments.
A bug that caused connection problems between memoQ and memoQ servers has been fixed
Fixes to translation memory engine related issues that caused disruption to some memoQ server users
Fixed setting the language used for notifications in memoQ server (DefaultUILanguage setting in the configuration.xml file)
Better user experience for the background tasks window
Many minor bug fixes to several document filters

Initial 2013 release was 6.8.5