Hello, memoQ 2014 R2!

memoQ 2014 R2 is a feature rich and powerful software. This section covers only the benefits which have been introduced since memoQ 2014.


Sharing translation memories and termbases

Translation memories (TMs) and termbases (TBs) can be created on Language Terminal to be shared with three other memoQ users. Sharing TM and TB resources was a significant reason why some translators were looking at memoQ cloud server. The introduction of translation resource sharing through Language Terminal gives them this valuable functionality for free.

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Cleaner user friendly interface

The ribbon is not only an attractive new approach to the menu, it has also ensured a less cluttered interface by having all the command in one place while providing a logical flow of menu categories. There are no longer rows of links below the project list and the other tabs.

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User-friendly segmentation

We have not only created a more user-friendly segmentation rules editor but have also made it very easy to introduce a new abbreviation while translating and re-segment the file on the fly.

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Browser based project management

memoQ 2014 R2 allows the creation and management of projects through a web browser. The functionality which project managers had in the project manager version of memoQ is now available through their favorite browser no matter where they are.

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Translation memory editor

While many recognize the need to edit and maintain their translation memories, few do it. One of the reasons for that is the tools for this can be cumbersome and designed by geeks for geeks. With memoQ 2014 R2 we have dramatically improved the Translation memory editor, its interface and its usefulness.

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Increased compatibility

memoQ has been associated with compatibility since we first introduced memoQ. We have reduced the technology cost for translation companies by ensuring memoQ can deal with other tools’ proprietary file formats. This means translation companies no longer require having every tool used by their customers. In memoQ 2014 R2 we improved compatibility with WorldServer by improving how we deal with SDL WorldServer’s file formats: XLZ and WSXZ.

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Improved browser editor

In memoQ 2014 R2 we have completely rewritten the browser editor. memoQ has invested a huge amount of efforts into improving the editing experience of memoQ webTrans. The result of this effort has transpired into a more convenient, powerful and fluent web-based editor than may be seen other solutions.

Change Logs

memoQ 2014 R2 build 5
December 30, 2014
Fixes a problem where adding an entry to a Language Terminal term base didn't always work
Fixes a bug that caused an error when confirming rows if the project had a locally synchronized term base (and the terminology check in QA was enabled)
Fixes penalty handling for Language Terminal TMs
Fixes adding an abbreviation to the segmentation rules from a translation document
Fixes the Replace metadata command in the TM editor
Tweaks and bugfixes for the handling of WorldServer packages
Fixes the confirm command after delivery
Fixes downloading the exported file in Chrome
Fixes various editing problems in translation documents
Fixes automatic assignment of documents to users in multilingual projects
Unfinished segments warning no longer displayed for bilingual export
Fixes clearing of LQA errors after confirming a row
Changed the default module displayed after login for PM users: they now start with the project management module

Initial 2015 release was 7.5.5

Hello, memoQ 2014 R2!