Try your own memoQ cloud for a month - Free!

Your trial period is valid for 1 month and does not require entering any payment information upfront. Your trial server will be created instantly and ready to use within minutes.

Configure your memoQ cloud

  • You can select 1 to 30 Project Manager licenses to be used associated with your memoQ cloud. The Project Manager edition is our full-feature desktop product. Each Project Manager license includes 5 additional free web licenses.
  • You can select up to 30 Translator Pro licenses to be associated with your memoQ cloud. Managing online projects is not possible with Translator Pro licenses, only with Project Manager licenses. Our suggested Translator Pro default is 2.
  • Include QTerm
    You can include our web based terminology application in your memoQ cloud. QTerm will be available both from the desktop memoQ client and from the memoQWeb interface.
    Include Web Services API
    You can include a web service API if you wish to integrate your memoQ cloud to a third party tool.
  • Server name can contain only letters, numbers and the – character. Please note that server name cannot be changed after creation.
  • https://[hostname]

  • Select the region for your server

Cost after trial period

160.00 EUR/month
80.00 EUR/month
0.00 EUR/month
0.00 EUR/month
Net grand total 240.00 EUR/month
The first month of your trial is free. If you start today, your free trial will last until Aug 08, 2020.
Your memoQ cloud will be connected to your Language Terminal profile. If your Language Terminal profile is not set up as an organizational profile, it will be automatically converted.
Language Terminal will automatically convert the profiles of memoQ cloud subscribers to an organizational profile. No functionality will be lost upon conversion.