The Age of Artificial Intelligence: Why translators are going to be the ones to turn off the lights in the office after everyone else has long gone home

This presentation will set a framework for a discussion of both human translation and Artificial Intelligence that will make it easier to understand how the two can co-exist. It will then give practical suggestions on how to approach AI’s growing influence in our professional lives and highlight translation as one of the oldest and most enduring activities and professions.


Jost Zetzsche
International Writers' Group

Jost Zetzsche is a translation industry and translation technology consultant, an author on various aspects of translation, and an ATA-certified English-to-German technical translator. 1999 Jost co-founded International Writers' Group, LLC, on the Oregon coast. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, he earned a Ph.D. in the field of Chinese translation history and linguistics at the University of Hamburg. The Translator's Tool Box, his computer guide for translators is now in its thirteenth edition, and his technical journal for the translation industry goes out to more than 11,000 translation professionals. In 2012, Penguin published his co-authored Found in Translation, a book about translation and interpretation for the general public. He sits on the editorial board for MultiLingual Magazine, the ATA Chronicle and the Journal of Internationalisation and Localisation. In 2018 he was awarded with an honorary membership to the ATA. You can find him on Twitter at @jeromobot.