How to break the 6M followers’ barrier and how trends in social media impact the language industry

Social media has become one of our core tools for explaining what is important about what we do. This presentation will look at how Doug’s daughter, Iskra Lawrence, used social media to help her become an international model and a major force in promoting self-care among girls and women. The presentation will take lessons learnt in the world of ethical celebrities and bring this to the language industry. Doug will also look at trends in social media and how they will impact our world.


Doug Lawrence

With over 2 decades of direct international sales experience in services and technologies Doug Lawrence helps organisations grow internationally. He has trained sales teams from across the globe to excel internationally and helped organizations large and small to create a world-class global web presence.

His specialities include:
International sales training and management consulting
Localization, multilingual CMS, and global web implementation
Multilingual Search Engine Optimisation
Professional translation process and software consulting
Selling Translations® training and consulting for translation service providers