From complex project to success story: using memoQ for translation of long client product lists

Translation of large Excel documents has always represented a challenge for CAT tools, especially when the document contains a long list of product names, labels, and descriptions, where most of the content appears in form of strings or terms, with little or no context.

The similarities in individual document lines are often not seen in CAT analysis because of the length of segments and inconsistencies in the source. The aim of this project was to translate certain part of above-mentioned type of Excel document consistently into a target language that contains six grammatical cases and three genders, opposed to the source language, which has no grammatical cases, and genders. Having that in mind but both trying to make some benefit out of a big amount of repetitions and including more than one translator to work on the project, all in order to meet the short deadline, required a smart selection of appropriate CAT tool.

In order to overcome those challenges, we decided to use everything that memoQ had to offer – segmentation rules editing, document slicing, and various pre-translate options.


Nikolina Škof
Quality Assurance Team Lead, Ciklopea

Nikolina Škof is a Quality Assurance Team Lead at Ciklopea, an industry-focused provider of linguistic solutions, based in Zagreb, Croatia. She is responsible for coordinating and supervising other team members, working on quality assurance, technical pre-processing of documents for translation and post-processing of translated documents, as well as providing assistance on a technical level. Nikolina has been working in the translation industry for more than two years and has a vast experience in working with CAT and QA tools. She aims to make the most out of the benefits the technology offers in translation projects and she is very detail-oriented in her work.