Hidden treasures in memoQ (#1)

Like all software applications, memoQ has a lot of functionalities – some of them very well hidden.

We usually only use about 20% of the tools that we have on our computers. This is a shame as there are some features that could be really helpful, but they are so well hidden or named in such a way that they are not readily recognized for their actual value.

This presentation aims to bring some of these settings to light, like
  • being able to close all open documents with one click
  • running a search and replace action on documents in the documents list, without opening them
  • locking segments that have a language different to the source language of the project
  • creating a project report across several online projects
  • creating TMs with metadata fields through the TM scheme
  • finding out what the pink matches mean and where to set if you want to see them at all, and...

... many others. Join Angelika Zerfass to learn how to make the most out of memoQ.



Angelika Zerfass

Angelika is based in Bonn, Germany and started out with a degree in translation for Chinese and Japanese, but soon found herself drawn more to the technical side. She worked for Trados in Japan, the US and Germany and went freelance as a trainer in 2000. Since then, she has been offering consultancy, training and increasingly also technical support for translation tools (Trados and memoQ) for her international customer base.