Integration Showcase

Introducing technologies and solutions integrated with memoQ
This session features tools and solutions that are integrated with memoQ. Please welcome
and see how they can help improve and centralize your workflow even further.


Full XTRF project automation in integration with memoQ and the use of a Smart Connector

A short (5-minute) summary on the XTRF & memoQ integration

The project creation is being triggered by an email from the Client, work is automatically assigned and dispatched, financial documents are created and made available and delivery to the Client is being made without the Project Manager even having to log in to XTRF. Later in the video, XTRF presents a GDPR-required feature of anonymizing personal data of a Client or Vendor, who execute their right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’).


Watch this 45-minute webinar to have a better understanding on the Plunet & memoQ integration

Plunet BusinessManager is a web-based platform for managing translation projects. It is integrated with the memoQ server or the memoQ cloud server through a Plunet BusinessManager interface called memoQManager.

Consoltec (FlowFit)


Introducing the new version of FlowFit Web - Translation  Management System. FlowFit is a complete solution that helps you not only manage your translation projects efficiently, but also gives you detailed reports. In addition, FlowFit integrates perfectly with memoQ.

Website translation integration showcase

A short (2-minute) summary on easyling's solution

Website translation continues to be a tricky job, mostly because each project is different. However, there are some good practices that can greatly reduce customer frustration during the process. This presentation discussed the importance of selecting the right website translation method for specific website types, as well as the steps of getting customers on board. For an easier work process and customer cooperation, it is crucial to clarify some basic aspects and goals with the client, including project scope, security requirements, SEO, Analytics, speed and layout questions.