memoQ master classes

Since master classes are part of a more expensive package, videos are shared with the attendees only.
If you attended memoQ master classes on 29 May 2019 and have not yet received the
recordings, please contact Sandor Papp.

Based on the feedback we have recevied at last year's memoQfest, we decided to keep the new format for master classes: instead of having 4 large groups with whole day courses, you will have the opportunity to compile your own timetable and pick 4 x 1.5 hour sessions/topics you are eager to learn more about.


Basics for translators and project managers

Regular Expressions
Translators and project managers

Basic regular expressions and where they can be used: - to search and replace (memoQ editor) - to tag elements in the text (memoQ editor and filters) - to import from text files (filters)
Translators, project managers, vendor managers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the hottest topics of discussion among business owners although a year has already passed by since it had been introduced. Join this session, discuss basic and advanced topics, raise questions and share your experience!
Terminology management
Translators and project managers

This masterclass will focus on how to handle terminology. We’ll see how we can extract terminology from our existing texts, how we can create a glossary, enter terms in a different way, check for consistency, get rid of false-positives. We’ll also see how we can expand our boundaries by working with QTerm and customizing our glossary structure and workflow.
Counting money - statistics and quoting
Project managers interested in training translators

Finding out the amount of work, analyzing the source text, and creating a quote for your client. Explaining the contents of the analysis, making the connection between TM and LiveDocs matches and analysis categories. Giving meaning to match rates.
Document versions and translating reviewed documents
Translators and project managers

memoQ provides great options for controlling versions of both source and target text. Both translators and PMs can save a great deal of time by applying these whenever they need to see what's changed in the reviewed doc, or if their client sends an update to the documents which is being translated already. Also, we'll learn how to efficiently work with documents with Word documents with Tracked Changes - both with nice and nasty examples.

Using memoQ for video localization
Translators and project managers

We are living exciting times where content is transformed from written text into audio-visual format. Large enterprises create short educational videos instead of writing extensive manuals, media companies produce content that needs to be translated into 30+ language within 24 hours - or even less than that... How would you be able to cope with projects like that without any 'external' help? This session will present how memoQ can be of any help when localizing subtitles for videos.
Games localization
Project managers

Next to videos, games localization is another field that is booming recently. Games companies sometimes start localization while devs are working on the code, still; it would be otherwise challenging (if not impossible) to release a game - in many languages - in time. This session will show how memoQ can be used for multilingual projects, with special emphasis on games localization-related features.
Machine Translation workflow(s) and suggestions
Project managers
This master class will introduce you to the two major machine translation (MT) workflows supported by memoQ: post-editing and on-the-fly (or interactive) translation. We’ll walk you through a complete MT-supported project and highlight the steps that involve various project stakeholders (project manager, language engineer, translator, reviewer). You will participate in a group project as translators and reviewers to gain first-hand experience of working with MT in memoQ. You will also be introduced to custom neural translation to see the difference it makes in translation quality.

Advanced topics for translators and project managers

Multilingual filters - xlsx and xml
Junior engineers, techy translators, project managers (basic understanding of xml)

"The source is in Column A, with some notes in B, please add the translation in column C wherever it's missing, and pay attention to the character limit in column D.
File filter settings
Translators and project managers

In this session, Angelika Zerfass will go beyond the basics and show how translators and project managers can make the most out of memoQ's filter settings - starting from the basics and going into settings you don't use on a daily basis (though they can make your life much easier)!
Map workflow processes to memoQ functionality
Experienced project managers and engineers

Don't ask how to adapt your workflow to a tool, ask how memoQ's functionality can assist your processes. During this workshop, we'll analyze workflows, resources, and processes of a fictive LSP. After analysis, we'll create the best setup of users, linguistic assets and templates for this company.
Auto-Translation Rules
Translators (regex basics required)

How to set up conversions, automatic translations through Auto-Translation and custom adaptations like dates etc.
Terminology management
Translators and project managers

Structure of the memoQ TBs and how you can adapt it to your needs: create TBs which would fit into your project automation schema. Exporting/importing TBs, migration from other tools. Maintenance topics. QA vs TB: how to reduce the number of terminology-related warnings? Server TBs vs QTerm vs external sources of terminology.
Nasty file formats
Project managers, translators, engineers

XLF, XML, JSON, PHP and other for "design formats" (PSD, AI, IDML. PPTX aaaand... PDF)
Translation workflow automation in the corporate environment
Project managers and localization managers

This session will explore different workflow scenarios that are typical for the business environment, and look at ways to automate them. Use cases will include internal clients and the use of Customer Portal; agile workflows and frequent content updates; as well as CMS connections and automatic website translation.
Translation Memory workflows
Project manegers

Content to be announced soon.


Multi-vendor workflows - packages and subvendors
Project managers

How to best handle the situation when there are more than two memoQ-using participants in the chain?
Using scripts in memoQ templates
Project managers and engineers who are new to using scripts

Introduction to memoQ template scripts. Setting up scripting on memoQ servers. My first script. Showing some easier use cases to highlight the wonders of this world.
Start using memoQ extension points (APIs and SDKs)
Developers, engineers who want to learn about API capabilities

Introduction to memoQ extension points including its APIs and SDKs. Learn about memoQ integration (WS) API, resources (REST) API, the QA, TM, TB and MT plugins. See live examples for integrations and plugins.
Use cases for memoQ template scripts
Mainly engineers who are looking for more knowledge on scripts

We plan to have a couple of problems that can be resolved using memoQ scripts. The idea is to work within groups to find solution for a problem, using memoQ's scripting capabilities. And then we discuss these solutions, and show them working also with the pre-prepared solutions.
Should you have any questions, please contact our team.