TM Management: Make the most out of what you have

We all know this scenario in one way or another: there is this new customer who used to work with different LSPs before. Said customer provides you with a pile of antique TMs in all possible language pairs hoping you can make something out of this collection.

But can we? How to tackle such large amounts of resources? How can we structure them and benefit from functionalities provided in memoQ? And can we even make further use other than the obvious one? What if a new source language does not yet exist in the resources – can we generate useful TM content from what we already have?
Spoiler alert: Yes, we can – let’s find out how!


Marie Blanke
Development & IT Support, kothes GmbH

I have found my way into the world of translation in 2009. Having to deal with complex jobs right away, I soon discovered the power of CAT tools. Originally being a mathematician, I have a thing for algorithms – so in the past years, I’ve gained quite some experience with complex workflows and automated steps.
After joining kothes GmbH in 2015, I have become the key figure when it comes to setting up translation processes maximising the productivity and the quality of our clients' translation output making everyone's life a little easier.