Computer Assisted Interpretation – Cassis

From the combination of MT, AI, CAT tools and human resources was born CASSIS, a real time help for simultaneous interpreters. As we designed the model using the modern technology in order to improve the human performance, it can be used in numerous and various fields as real time support for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, training, access for people living with reduced hearing, transcription and more.

Katalin Hajós
CEO, A Lex Expert

Katalin Hajós, CEO of A Lex Expert Ltd, also works as a conference interpreter for more than 20 years. During her work she has to face daily stress linked to several working and personal conditions. She considers herself as one of the luckiest amongst the professional interpreters to take part of a very exciting innovation project: the development of the tool CASSIS which can seriously change interpreters stress load and assignment preparation’s workload, as well as the real time information exchange linked to interpretation assignments. She has a Literature PhD, has worked for many years in metal transformation industry, film industry and performances, but returned every time to her beloved language industry.