memoQ in the service of your ISO documentation requirements

Audit and especially certification audit has a bad reputation in the localization industry. The ISO 17100 is relatively new compared to the more widely applied general ISO 9001. Since localization as a service was a ‘late bloomer’ in ISO, the lack of experience combined with the growing pressure of customers challenges LSPs of every size and the lack of auditors experienced in localization environment often deprive the industry of the added value a properly conducted audit procedure can and should bring to the table.

My primary purpose is to show the audience their current ISO audit options and their possible integration in order to reduce the time and capacity they must assign to auditing; why NOT to fear the audit and the auditor; how memoQ server options cover some of the ISO documentation requirements ‘by themselves’ and how to include them in the quality management handbook; and give the audience some ideas through practical examples how they can ‘lean’ their audit processes with a conscious approach to their memoQ server maintenance.


Ágnes Kmilcsik

freelance translator and ISO auditor
Ágnes Kmilcsik is a localization fashionista who layers the newest industry trends over timeless classic basics in refined style with a strong dedication to high quality localization output.
Certified EN-HU/HU-EN translator with 16 years of experience and strong localization project management background. Enthusiastic learner and fan of the most advanced technology and any smart tools and methods that can optimize localization workflow.
Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 auditor with thorough knowledge of the localization industry from many points of view.
Provider of innovative training solutions organized in a flexible framework, supported by targeted analysis and fueled by cutting edge technology to turn rules into skills, compliance into behavior, and to keep your freelance translation service or the team of your language service provider agency updated with the latest industry trends and the rapidly changing market requirements.