Squeezing more juice from your multilingual projects

The memoQ multilingual processing is simple and quite efficient when working with basic documents that must all be translated into the same target languages. But, complex multilingual projects require optimization to remain efficient.
We have identified 3 elements that can complicate multilingual projects.

1. Post-import file preparation
When documents require post-import preparation before assigning them to the translators (correcting poor segmentation from a PDF, locking rows of text that should not be translated, processing repetitions of similar content, applying regular expressions to protect specific keywords, adding global comments and instructions for all translators, etc.)

2. Mix of source documents per target
When some target languages do not need all documents or require alternative versions of the source materials. For example, when a product is distributed with different options in each target market.

3. Frequent updates
When contents and documents are changing rapidly, sometimes before the previous version has been fully translated. Updating the source of an on-going project is challenging when several translation teams are working concurrently in a multilingual project.

Our presentation will explain some of the solutions that we use to optimize our workflow and to turn these challenges into “efficiency boosters”.


Patricia Guyot & Jean-Marie Guyot
Operations Manager // General Manager, KEVRENN

During my 25+ years of experience in language solutions, I have always been looking for ways to simplify my work. This may just come from my original training. Although I studied industrial process automation, I discovered software localization when I moved to California shortly after graduating. I worked for a few years as an ad’hoc translator and localization engineer before starting my own translation agency in San Jose.

In 1997, our family moved back to France and I started Kevrenn with my wife Patricia. I manage the technical issues while Patricia runs the business operations. As we specialize in multilingual localization projects, we have continuously used CAT tools. Over the years we have seen them evolve and become more efficient. But there are always some specific features that we are missing for our needs.

We work with complicated projects and we always try to optimize our workflow to remain efficient.