Huge alignment project nailed with memoQ

This is a case study of our alignment project using memoQ. Our dear customer requested a huge alignment work. Total of over million words, 309636 segments consists of 4370 Excel spreadsheets files created by a web crawler. The client needed these files to be processed within two weeks.

At first, it thought to be quite challenging. But it turned out to be a lot easier because of memoQ's auto alignment.
This is all thanks to memoQ platform, allowing us to achieve such demanding project successfully and lead to a happy ending. The customer is very happy to have accurate TM / large corpus for future use.


Kaori Myatt
CEO, Word Connection sarl

Kaori is a translator, localizer, and creative writer based in Biarritz France. As a writer/translator at Gizmodo JAPAN she translated and localized many leading apps and social media sites into Japanese, and her translations and editorial work have been published in numerous apps, books, and online resources.
Currently, Kaori works as a consultant for Social Media and IT companies, as well as managing her own localization company, WORD CONNECTION SARL (France) and WORD CONNECTION JAPAN (株式会社WORD CONNECTION JAPAN).


James Myatt
Word Connection sarl