What's cooking at memoQ - part #2

What will memoQ's upcoming release bring?

This past year we have been working diligently to add value to the tools you are using, and in this presentation we are showing you the new functionality and improvements to memoQ since version 8.5. We show what has happened to the memoQWeb PM, how much easier it is to import files and to work with different memoQ versions, and also all the larger and smaller improvements around terminology, machine translation and the APIs.

Ágnes Varga (Developer, memoQ)
Pándi Veronika (Product Owner, memoQ)
Zsolt Varga (Product Owner, memoQ)
Tamás Rell (UX Designer, memoQ)

Games Localization with memoQ

Next to videos, games localization is another field that is booming recently. Games companies sometimes start localization while devs are working on the code, still; it would be otherwise challenging (if not impossible) to release a game - in many languages - in time...
Beatrice Compagnon (Head of Games)
Gabor Kovacs (Solution Architect, memoQ)

Video Localization with memoQ

We are living exciting times where content is transformed from written text into audio-visual format. Large enterprises create short educational videos instead of writing extensive manuals, media companies produce content that needs to be translated into 30+ language within 24 hours - or even less than that...

Angela Starkmann (Video localization expert)