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Challenges ahead: Audiovisual Localization and On-demand Video Streaming

Explore the challenges of audiovisual localization and how translation software like memoQ can help you solve them.

The art of subtitling, dubbing and captioning has long been a significant part of the language translation industry. In many cases, however, translation technology developers overlooked their importance in favor of other vertical markets. Now, that is changing.

The global demand for localized audiovisual content is continually increasing, thanks to the popularity of video streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. This has lead companies like memoQ to tailor their offering to better serve this segment of the market.

Audiovisual translators face an ever-growing array of challenges. Quick content localization is one of the key factors that made video streaming sites successful. As the industry evolves, so does memoQ.

memoQ can handle the file formats most frequently used in audiovisual translation. Features in memoQ tailored to AV translators include:

Live video preview for subtitling

Ready-made filters for subtitles and dubbing scripting

Two levels of quality control for flawless translations

Out-of-the-box connectors, custom integrations, and much more

Audiovisual translation is a specific type of translation. Read this eBook to see how a translation management system can help you efficiently manage the emerging challenges of the industry.

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