Earn Credits for Every Translator You Invite to Renew Your SMA!

Recommend memoQ to other translators and earn credits when they purchase their new license to renew your next SMA.

referral program

Referral Program Details

Do I need a memoQ license to participate in the Referral Program?

Yes, you first need to own either a memoQ translator pro or a memoQ server license.

How do I earn Credits?

You can earn credits by recommending memoQ to other people. You earn one (1) credit for every memoQ translator pro license purchased with your Unique Link that must be used at checkout. (you can find your Unique Link here).

How do I recommend memoQ to other people?

You can recommend memoQ to other people by sharing your Unique Link. With this link they can purchase memoQ translator pro with a 20% discount, while you receive one (1) credit for each license purchased with your link.

How can I use my credits?

You can use your credits to help pay for your SMA (support and maintenance agreement) with memoQ Translation Technologies. To read more about memoQ Translation Technologies’ support and maintenance policy click here.

How much is one (1) credit worth?

EUR 20/ USD 23/ HUF 4500 for translators (memoQ Translator Pro licenses)
EUR 31/ USD 38/ HUF 7400 for corporate licenses (memoQ server licenses)

Is there a maximum number of referrals?

As a referrer, you may recommend memoQ to as many people as you want; however, you can only use a certain number of credits per SMA renewal:

Referral Program for translators: up to 6 credits per SMA renewal

EUR 120/ USD 138/ HUF 27,000

Referral Program for corporates: up to 32 credits per SMA renewal
EUR 992/ USD 1178/ HUF 229,400

To clarify, here’s an example:

The price for an annual memoQ translator pro support and maintenance agreement is €124. If you collect four Referral Credits, you will have €80 in credits. If you choose to renew your SMA, then you would only pay €44. 

Now let’s assume that you are a real influencer within the translator community and have referred memoQ to eight people during the past year. You will have earned €160 in credits. However, you can only use six credits (or €120) per renewal. The remaining credits will be saved for your next SMA renewal.

Discount for the Referee

When you refer other people to memoQ and share your Unique Link with them, they will be able to purchase a memoQ license with a 20% discount. The discount is available only if they use the Unique Link you shared.