memoQ's Academic Program

The Academic Program allows students to get hands-on experience with the toolkit of the professionals.

The purpose of memoQ's Academic Program is to provide universities around the world with state of the art translation technology. Universities apply for the program to get educational licenses that students and teachers can use for educational purposes (at university and home). The program is not only confined to translation courses; it can cover any engineering, science or art courses as well.



The main goal of the Academic Program is to provide the Institution the right to use an unlimited number of memoQ licenses for educational purposes, free of charge.



Educational memoQ licenses are only available to students during the timeframe of a specific course. However, we also offer a special discount for students who took memoQ-related classes at one of our partner institutions: you can purchase a copy of memoQ translator pro for only €99 / $123.

Are you are a student who would like to get memoQ at a discounted price?
Check if your university is part of our academic program.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you represent an instituion but you are unsure about whether you should join this program or not, read the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • What is included in the Academic Program?
    The main purpose of the Academic Program is that it gives the Institution the right to use an unlimited number of memoQ licenses for educational purposes, free of charge. This includes all of our solutions. The program is not confined to translator training only and can cover any translation, engineering, science or arts course. The institution can give licenses to teachers and students for (educational) home use for up to one year at a time.
  • What does the University have to do?
    The institution has no obligations other than teaching the use of the software and publishing our partnership on their website and allowing memoQ to use the name of the Institution on our website or when we are talking about the program. We would appreciate help from the Institution in promoting this program among their colleagues at other Universities. We would also appreciate any effort made by the Institution in promoting memoQ and its technology, and any feedback that leads to improvements in our technology or the academic program. The contact person at the Institution should be the main contact for memoQ. All requests for licenses should go through this person.
  • What are the benefits for students?
    Students studying at Academic Program members can use the software both in the classroom and at home. During their studies, they are also entitled to buy memoQ translator pro for only €99/$123.
  • How do I join?
    Just fill the Apply for membership form or send us an email to and our colleagues will give you further information about the program. If you decide that this program is right for your institution and want to join, memoQ will review your application.
  • Do I need to buy support?
    You are not required to buy support, but if you do buy support, we will only charge you for the months during which you use support.
  • Can a student use a copy of memoQ at home?
    Yes. The institution can decide to allocate licenses to students for study use at home.
  • Are there costs associated with the program and if so, what are they?
    The license is free of charge, but any support needed by the institutions is charged at €100/$125 per month up to 4 hours. If the Institution wants more than 4 hours a fee of €50/$62/hour is charged for the excess hours. If an Institution does not require support in a particular month they will not be charged for that month. We will charge a fee of €150/$186 for installing the server version, or a fee of €250/$310 for installing the server with QTerm and WebTrans.
  • Are all educational establishments eligible?
    Most educational establishment are eligible for this program, but we do have an application and approval process. The program is aimed at educational institutions offering degree or post-graduate courses. It is not intended for organisations offering short-term training to commercial organisations.
  • Can I use memoQ for non-educational work?
    No. The license does not cover non-educational use. However, we recognize that an Institution may want to use memoQ for its website or some other purposes and we offer the software at a heavily discounted price to Universities for this purpose. The institutions can purchase up to 10 licenses of Translator Pro for their own business purposes at the price of €100 / $125 per unit. Beyond that, an individual purchase agreement is necessary.