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memoQ Adaptive Generative Translation is an AI-based translation automation technology. Try memoQ AGT with all the productivity benefits!

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memoQ is designed to serve the needs of enterprises, language service providers, and translators.

Hello, memoQ 11.0!

The new version introduces significant changes to the In-country review tool, as well as a new filter for those who frequently work with Markdown files. In addition, numerous new features have been added based on our user ideas and suggestions. Updates have been made to spellcheck, LQA reports, MT updates, and more—learn more and download the new version below!

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Streamline Your Translation and Localization Processes with memoQ

For enterprises

Manage and automate your localization processes on a global scale with the memoQ translation management system. Enterprises appreciate tailor-made memoQ features such as flexible workflow management, easy project tracking, automated quality checks, advanced reports, customizability, connectivity, and much more.


For language service providers

Language service providers handle a large number and variety of files and projects daily. memoQ is a stable technology providing a collaborative translation environment that facilitates and speeds up translation processes with advanced features. 

For translators

Whether you translate or review translations, memoQ translator pro is specifically designed by translators for translators to effectively support your day-to-day tasks.


Diverse Industry Needs

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Software and game localization

Unleash your game’s full potential using the memoQ translation management system. Enter new foreign markets with localized content to reach a broader audience and increase your revenue.
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Life science localization

Life science localization requires just as much attention as the services delivered by the industry itself. When lives are at stake, there is no room for error.
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Audiovisual/Multimedia localization

The demand for audiovisual (AV) content is soaring. Translation technology helps AV translators increase productivity, improve translation quality, and meet tight deadlines.
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"At memoQ, we live to provide our customers with a translation management solution that they can rely on every day, every minute. This is not possible without the closest attention to quality and information security. These are the cornerstones of customer focus. We keep them under the closest control, and we are proud to prove this by independent reports."
Balázs Kis
CEO, memoQ

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