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Game Localization
with memoQ TMS

Take your localization efforts to the next level with the help of industry-specific functionality, seamless integrations, flexible and secure deployment options,
and an experienced team in your corner.

Functionality Tailored to the Gaming Industry

Built-in glossary: improve your consistency

Correct and consistent terminology is a pillar of game localization. With memoQ’s term bases, you can make sure that specific words and expressions are always translated the same way for better translation quality, and a great player experience.

Highly customizable
filters - ready for complex file types

memoQ TMS offers a wide range of filters for the gaming industry (such as the Multilingual Excel File Filter, which allows you to easily work with multilingual Excel or CSV sheets). memoQ is also very flexible and allows you to create your own custom filters with regular expressions to manage the complex file types used in the gaming industry.

Changes in the source text? No problem for X‑Translate

Often, during or after the completion of a project, the source text changes and there is a new version of the original document. You likely don’t want to manually check for changes and update the translation. That’s exactly what
X-Translate is for. It allows you to reimport an already translated file into memoQ, and it automatically populates the unchanged content—then, you can go ahead and translate the rest of the segments.

Import string IDs for double context matches

A unique attribute of translation memories in memoQ is that it can store string IDs in addition to textual information. This allows memoQ to identify the text flow and the associated string ID in the matches coming from the translation memory for even more precise results. This can significantly improve the quality and speed up the process.

Interested in more of memoQ TMS’ functionality? Check out our Documentation to discover interesting features, helpful articles, and how-to guides.

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memoQ TMS: Built for Security

On-premises and secure cloud options

memoQ TMS comes in different shapes and sizes to meet your company’s needs. Our cloud deployment options, hosted on Microsoft Azure, giving you the flexibility to select the infrastructure that is closest to your location from various regional centers worldwide.
We also offer on-premises deployment, where memoQ TMS is installed within your own infrastructure. This alternative is particularly suitable for enterprises equipped with the required IT expertise and personnel to oversee an on-site server, or for organizations that enforce IT security policies preventing off-site deployment.

Full control over data & documents

You can always have peace of mind when it comes to who can access your data and at what time. memoQ TMS offers flexible access levels within your organization, allowing the system administrator to easily add, suspend, or terminate user access to your resources and projects at any given time.

ISO27001:2017 Compliant

Our Information Security Management System aligns with the ISO27001:2017 standard. This system includes strict user authentication, continuous monitoring, and the enforcement of user permissions, ensuring a high level of security.

Secure and fast single sign-on (SSO)

With single sign-on, server administrators and server owners can now leverage a third-party system to handle user authorization, effectively safeguarding data and user information.

Automation at the Heart of memoQ: Integrations

memoQ TMS can be integrated with a myriad of third-party applications including content management systems, machine translation engines, business management systems, term and memory banks, repositories, terminology management systems, among others.

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Machine Translation

Machine translation is widely used by individual translators as well as translation companies and departments, especially when high volumes of text need to be translated quickly. The machine translation output is then edited by human translators with a process known as machine translation post-editing. memoQ TMS can be connected to most major machine translation engines through plugins, and even train your own models.

memoQ also offers AI-based quality estimation (AIQE) when using machine translation. With the help of quality estimates, you will be able to easily assess the quality of machine-translated content provided by the various MT engines in memoQ.

Content Connector

memoQ’s Content Connector is a software module that removes repetitive steps by automating the import of source texts to and the export of translation output from memoQ TMS through a watch folder, saving precious time. Through the content connector, memoQ server can receive content from file folders, version control systems, content management systems, and other sources. It also checks if the source contains new or updated strings, so you don’t need to worry about changes in your source text.

memoQ Gaming Unit

memoQ Gaming Unit

The memoQ Gaming Unit was established to dedicate a specific team to gaming customers. Thanks to their industry background and knowledge, our gaming consultants and solution engineers understand the unique challenges and needs of gaming localization. They will be happy to help you introduce memoQ TMS into your existing game production workflows.

Happy clients

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“We conducted many evaluations and ended up with memoQ as the most fitting solution for us. We are now faster and have higher quality output than ever before.”

- Head of Localization at Gameforge

Localizing your First Game? Start Here!

Localizing your First Game? Start Here!

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