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Life-saving Translations in Life Sciences

Life science translations require just as much attention as the services delivered by the industry itself. When lives are at stake, there is no room for error.

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Centralized Assets

Introducing new drugs, medical devices, or equipment is a challenging endeavor. Large volumes of content need to be consistently localized for different target markets and audiences, often involving multiple languages. Handle localization professionally with memoQ, a Translation Management System (TMS). Use memoQ to gain efficiency and lower your costs by centralizing translation, reusing existing translated content, and managing terminology.

Increased Productivity and Control

memoQ helps life science companies boost productivity and control multilingual projects. memoQ lets you keep a history of changes in a document from version to version, creates automated custom workflows, and handles a wide variety of file formats. Store, align, and reuse whole documents such as medical journal articles with LiveDocs and leverage previously translated content with translation memories.
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Quality Assurance (QA)

Misunderstandings due to translation mistakes or numeric errors have consequences that can range from minor injury to death. memoQ's customizable QA module for machine-detectable errors and Linguistic QA features for providing human feedback enable life science organizations to reduce risks and meet standards established by regulatory bodies.

memoQ Life Sciences Round Table Series
Privacy, Security, and Data Protection in Life Sciences Localization

The regulatory landscape for life sciences is rapidly evolving to keep pace with requirements for privacy, security, and data protection. At the same time, companies in all sectors of life sciences are under increasing pressure to get their products to market more quickly. These two (sometimes competing) dynamics create additional challenges in localization workflows

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Features Tailored to Life Science Localization Needs

Reduce Project Setup Time

Project templates in memoQ were created to eliminate unnecessary clicks when setting up a project. Users report that memoQ’s customizable templates reduced the number of clicks needed to create a project by almost 80%.

Manage Terminology

QTerm is the ultimate terminology management system—a tool used for storing, managing, and sharing terminology in an organization. QTerm facilitates both internal and external communication, increases brand awareness, improves the quality of technical communication, and reduces the risk of costly misunderstandings.

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Reuse Previous Translations

The translation memory and LiveDocs features of memoQ speed up localization processes for life science projects. The former saves your translation pairs in segments, while the latter focuses on the entire documents and unaligned translations. Possible matches from these segments and documents are offered during translation so linguists can spend less time searching and more time translating.

Support Real-time Teamwork and Communication

Sometimes you only have a couple of days to translate thousands of words. Real-time collaboration in memoQ enables you to update and share translation memories and term bases with a team of translators. Moreover, you can communicate in real-time with the instant messaging function (chat window) in memoQ.

The Best package for Life Science Localization

memoQ server

memoQ server

memoQ server is a full-fledged enterprise-level translation management system (TMS) with a repository for translation resources; control centers for collaborative, simultaneous translation operations; functionalities for running multilingual projects; reporting functions; and unique workflow automation.

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memoQ Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is a component of memoQ server that makes it possible for the organization running the memoQ server to offer direct web-based project quoting, project creation, and monitoring services to its own customers, whether internal or external.

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memoQ X-Translate


X-Translate is a pre-translation tool that comes in handy when a document needs to be reimported, most often due to changes in the source text, X-Translate copies translations from work in progress to the newest source version rather than starting over with matches applied from a translation memory.

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Life Sciences eBook by memoQ

Life Science Localization eBook

Healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies require the highest level of translation and localization quality, as even the slightest error can have serious consequences.

This eBook walks you through the details of collaboration between a medical device company and their translation partner. The book is based on real-life examples from interviews with experts in life science translation.

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