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With state-of-the-art data security, advanced terminology management, a high-end collaboration environment, and supported AI, memoQ TMS provides a reliable solution for translators and project managers in the life sciences industry.

Life sciences is an umbrella term that includes medical devices, pharmaceuticals, vaccine development, clinical trials, and many other specialties. Each of these areas of life sciences has industry-specific content translation requirements and specialized workflows for content translation. memoQ TMS supports all these specific workflows.

“The main reason we chose memoQ over other solutions on the market is that it is user-friendly and has a lot of features that can be adapted to specific workflows and offers a variety of solutions. The LiveDocs feature is what made it stand out among the competitors, providing the possibility of using our existing libraries and having live access to our documents.”

Elena Mikrioukova – Head of Translation Department at PSI CRO AG
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Why memoQ?

memoQ TMS offers great benefits for translation quality, consistency, and collaboration, complying with the highest data protection and security levels.


ISO27001 compliant

memoQ’s advanced security standards are certified compliant with ISO 27001 standards. This includes 27001-based ISMS. In addition to ISO 27001 certification, memoQ is ISO 9001-certified.

Single sign-on (SSO)

With the convenience of single sign-on, server administrators and owners can entrust user authorization to a third-party system, ensuring the safety of data and user information.

Full control over data & documents

Rest assured about data accessibility. memoQ TMS empowers organizations with different access levels, enabling system administrators to add, suspend, or terminate user access to resources and projects as needed.


Terminological accuracy is extremely important in life sciences content. With multiple high-end terminology features, memoQ TMS controls accuracy and consistency and supports translators by providing helpful metadata. The multilingual term base entries can include descriptions, images, and other metadata types.

TM+, the next-generation translation memory engine, offers significantly improved performance, stability, and reliability. With a capacity to seamlessly handle over 10 million segments, its architecture is designed to prevent corruption while providing users with faster pre-translation, statistics, and lookup results.

LiveDocs is a built-in memoQ TMS feature, an alternative to translation memory. With LiveDocs, the alignment of multiple files can be completed in just a matter of seconds, and they can later be used as reference files. As opposed to TM, LiveDocs preserves entire translated documents, not just segments.

Among many other QA checks, memoQ provides a check for terminology consistency: source to target, target to source,
or both.


memoQ TMS’ efficient real-time communication and collaboration capabilities enable several contributors to work on the same documents at the same time.

New and cutting-edge: The In-Country Review tool

Streamline the in-country review cycle with the brand-new online In-Country Review tool.

Extend the capacity of memoQ TMS beyond trained linguists by providing a simplified browser-based user interface for subject matter experts who may not be conversant with CAT tools. Project managers no longer have to export files to intermediate formats for these users. An overview of all the edits that local subject matter experts perform is combined with easier communication and documentation of all the desired changes.

Machine translation

memoQ TMS supports the use of the latest and most popular machine translation engines within its translation processes. Machine translation engines automatically provide target language suggestions based on the source content. Human post-editors subsequently edit the translated suggestions manually as if they were created by a human translator. The edited translations are then added to the translation memory so that they can be reused in the future.

Using machine translation in this manner is an efficient way to obtain translations quickly while making them available for future use at no additional cost.

Advanced features for all linguistic needs

Life sciences translation can be a hectic endeavor with extreme emphasis on quality standards and short life cycles. We understand how challenging this is for you and your teams.

memoQ was designed with life sciences translation projects in mind. Users will benefit from all the advanced features regardless of the file formats, language combinations, or other requirements. memoQ TMS is not just a translation environment, it is a powerful tool for daily translation needs. Improved workflows, significantly higher quality, and smooth team cooperation are just some of the reasons why memoQ is preferred by many companies within the life sciences sector.

Rely on memoQ TMS to make life sciences translations more efficient with easier project management and smart features.

AI-based quality estimation for machine-translated content

AI is everywhere. Take advantage of the latest developments in technology to improve the linguistic value chain!

memoQ’s AI-based quality estimation provides insight into the applicability and usefulness of machine-translated content. With AIQE, artificial intelligence-based quality estimation, translators and project managers can effectively address the risks associated with the unreliable quality of machine translation thus saving valuable time and money.

Best memoQ features for the Life Sciences industry

We are constantly improving and expanding memoQ TMS with multiple releases per year. See the Features You Missed page on our website to see how memoQ TMS has evolved.
Even though life sciences translations come in many different shapes and forms, memoQ TMS will always work for your projects. Many smart features will improve life sciences translation
in different areas.

Linguistic Validation

Linguistic Validation

Linguistic validation ensures accurate and contextually equivalent translations in regulated industries. It involves forward and back translations with multiple review steps. The main goals of linguistic validation are detailed accuracy and contextual equivalency.
In software localization, contextual equivalency takes cultural adaptation to the next level.

Learn how memoQ supports linguistic validation workflows:



Help your in-country reviewers help you! We recently introduced an online tool where in-country reviewers work directly on the given files in an intuitive browser-based interface. They do not need to have memoQ TMS installed. From memoQ TMS 10.1 on, in-country reviewers can comment on parts of the translation, see comments made by peers, download reference files, find words or expressions, and more.

Project managers will profit from the sophisticated in-country review tool, too. They can follow their reviewers’ work, and select reference files, term bases, and non-translatables from other project resources. In addition, they can communicate with their reviewers directly within the review tool.

Flexible deployment options

Flexible deployment options

The state-of-the-art memoQ TMS user management and project setup opportunities enable life sciences project managers to handle their complex and high-pressure projects with the best possible technology on the market and reliable data security all along the way.

memoQ TMS comes in different shapes and sizes to meet your company’s needs.

We offer on-premises deployment where memoQ TMS is installed within your infrastructure. This option is ideal for businesses with the necessary IT know-how and staff to manage an on-site server or organizations with IT security policies that don’t allow off-site deployment. We also offer two different cloud deployment options hosted on Microsoft Azure.

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