All Eyes on Audiovisual Translation

Explore how memoQ can be your technological partner in supporting your audiovisual translation processes. Get the free eBook now!
memoQ Remote Work eBook

Our latest eBook is intended as a guide for professionals who are accustomed to using memoQ in an office but now must work with memoQ remotely.

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memoQ and the Remote Office
Audiovisual Translation with memoQ

Explore how memoQ can be your technological partner in supporting your audiovisual translation processes. Get the free eBook now!

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All Eyes on Audiovisual Translation
memoQ companion TMS eBook

memoQ can complement your existing translation management system to meet your needs, even with the most challenging translation tasks.

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Use memoQ as a Companion TMS
memoQ - Plunet integration

Download the memoQ – Plunet guide to get all the technical information you need, and learn about the various benefits that come with this integration!

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Integration with Plunet Business Manager
Dita Localization Guide - memoQ

Download our extensive guide on DITA localization and learn how memoQ and WhP can provide the technology and services you need.

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DITA Localization
Life Sciences eBook by memoQ

Healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies require the highest level of translation and localization quality, as even the slightest error can have serious consequences. This eBook walks you through the details of collaboration between a medical device company and their translation partner.

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Life Sciences Translation eBook
Server productivity ebook - memoQ

memoQ server can be used immediately with no experience or help from consultants or IT specialists. This eBook will help you get the most out of memoQ server’s translation technology and productivity enhancements.

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memoQ server Productivity
LocLand eBook - memoQ

Learn the ins and outs of game localization! This eBook answers all your questions regardless of your experience.

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LocLand: the Land of Game Localization
Translation Industry Jargon - memoQ

This eBook walks you through the most commonly used expressions in the translation industry.

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Translation Industry Jargon
Why use cat tools? - memoQ

This eBook provides an overall picture of CAT tools and their benefits for translators, translation students, and anyone interested in language translation technology.

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Why Use CAT Tools?
GDPR eBook - memoQ

When it comes to GDPR, we would like to share our best practices on how to keep your client’s personal data out of your documents and translation memories in memoQ.

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GDPR Data Protection: How to Remove Personal Data from Documents and TMs in memoQ
Automating your Translation Project - memoQ

Reduce clicks when setting up translation projects in memoQ! Download our eBook and learn how to automate your processes to meet tight deadlines.

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Automating Your Translation Project

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