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Workflow Support for Language Service Providers

memoQ offers language service providers (LSP) a comprehensive translation environment to support their processes with innovative features.

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Automated Localization Processes

memoQ’s customizable project templates let project managers eliminate time-consuming manual steps when setting up projects. With memoQ, translation companies can thoroughly centralize and automate localization processes.

Collaborative Workflows

To speed up localization processes, translators and reviewers can work simultaneously in memoQ. The translation environment of memoQ offers several options for real-time collaboration.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Mistakes can happen at any point in the translation process. memoQ has two kinds of quality assurance (QA). The QA module finds machine-detectable errors during and after translation. It can be automated and also used on demand. The Linguistic QA module is used to assess translation quality and provides detailed feedback to translators.

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Features Tailored to LSPs' Needs

Managing Terminology

Deliver translations with professional quality! The terminology management module in memoQ helps translation companies control and enforce usage of preferred (and forbidden) terms in translations.

Handling Large Projects

Language service providers need robust technology for handling projects with a large number and variety of files and translators. memoQ server speeds up the translation process and provides a safe and stable environment for collaborative projects.

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Integrating with Other Tools

memoQ can be a single server-based translation management system thanks to its compatibility with most other CAT tools and an extensive number of languages and file formats.

Dealing with File Formats

memoQ has both built-in and customizable filters so you can import and export a wide variety of file formats, including multilingual Excel, XML and CSV files.

The Best Package for Language Service Providers

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memoQ TMS

memoQ TMS is the ultimate translation management system for language service providers. It offers simultaneous collaboration, functionalities for running multilingual localization processes, innovative workflow automation, various reporting functions, and many other powerful features.

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memoQWeb - Browser-based Translation Project Management


memoQWeb is browser-based translation environment that comes with memoQ server. memoQWeb provides almost all the functionality available in the memoQ desktop client in a streamlined way. And it just got a brand new interface!

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memoQ Plunet Integration

Plunet integration

Plunet is a web-based platform that can connect with memoQ server or memoQ cloud. When you integrate Plunet with memoQ, Plunet becomes the interface for creating projects that are translated in memoQ.

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Automating your Translation Project - memoQ

Automating Your Translation Projects

Automating processes is the most efficient way to save time and reduce cost while meeting tight deadlines for your translation projects.

Download this eBook and familiarize yourself with the basics of customizing and using project templates. Then, go beyond the basics to discover several other possibilities for automation in memoQ.

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