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Words, images, and translation technology in multilingual audiovisual translation

Communication is becoming increasingly visual, and we need to make multilingual content ready for international markets.

Multilingual Communication in Audiovisual Translation - fast, high quality, and reliable

Multilingual Communication in Audiovisual Translation - fast, high quality, and reliable

memoQ is your translation management system for all file formats, smoothly integrating the audiovisual files with the rest of your project.

Do you need to translate marketing material, websites with embedded videos, visually convincing training courses, or entertainment material? Let memoQ TMS streamline your translation workflows by enabling you to process media files that you already know in a professional translation environment.

Audiovisual text files for subtitles, dubbing or voiceover translations can be treated like any other part of your translation projects. memoQ TMS offers the same benefits for these tasks as for all the other areas of translation you know. memoQ TMS integrates your audiovisual files in SRT, TTML, Excel, and Word file formats into a range of translatable files, enabling you to benefit from all the features the advanced memoQ translation technology brings to the translation business.

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Why memoQ?

memoQ TMS offers great benefits for translation quality, consistency, and collaboration, complying with the highest data protection and security levels.


memoQ’s advanced security standards are certified compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2017, which includes the 27001-based ISMS (Information Security Management System). In addition, memoQ is also ISO 9001-certified.

You can trust memoQ with your documents of any format – even those with the strictest security certifications.


Terminological accuracy is extremely important in audiovisual translation. With multiple high-end terminology features, memoQ helps you to control what is being said in subtitles, voiceover, or dubbing translations. If there is a term base or a KNP (Key Notes and Phrases) for your project, you can collect all information directly in your translation environment – and always have the correct terms and phrases for your projects at your fingertips.

The multilingual term base entries can include descriptions, images, and other metadata types. If you have previous translations for reference, our monolingual terminology extraction editor can not only extract terms and phrases from the documents, translation memories, or LiveDocs of your project but also a semi-automated bilingual extraction can be performed using aligned documents in LiveDocs.

This gives you maximum flexibility for your term identification, terminology management, and terminology extraction in all your working languages.


Share the workload, profit from your teammates’ competence, and split responsibility. With memoQ TMS, several contributors can work on the same documents at the
same time.

Best memoQ features for Audiovisual Translation

We are constantly improving and expanding memoQ TMS with multiple releases per year. See the Features You Missed page on our website to see how memoQ TMS has evolved.

The memoQ Video Preview Tool

The Video Preview Tool available in memoQ (from version 8.5) allows you to view your translations as subtitles directly with the mp4 file of your project.

It is a separate app that helps audiovisual translators work with video subtitles in Excel, SRT, or TTML format. It communicates with memoQ and shows exactly the part of the video that you need.
The video preview tool is built on our Preview SDK.

memoQ SRT filter

Take your SRT subtitle file (you can convert files to other audiovisual file formats in most dedicated subtitle editors), use the memoQ SRT filter, and translate it within memoQ just like any other file format. Learn more about how to work
with SRT files by clicking here.

The In-Country Review tool for reviewers and PMs

The new In-Country Review online tool offers a user-friendly interface specifically designed for subject matter experts who may not be familiar with CAT tools. With a link, provided by the project manager and/or the memoQ server, in-country reviewers can start reviewing the assigned translation in a browser, without the need for having memoQ installed on their computers.

On the other hand, project managers are relieved from the need to export files to intermediate formats for these users. The In-Country Review feature combines an overview of all edits made by local subject matter experts with improved communication and documentation of desired changes.

Machine translation

Within memoQ TMS, you have access to the most popular and latest machine translation engines. These engines automatically generate target language suggestions by analyzing the source content. Human post-editors then manually refine these translated suggestions, treating them as if
they were produced by human translators.
The edited translations are subsequently added to the translation memory, enabling their reuse in future projects. This approach of utilizing machine translation is a highly efficient method to rapidly obtain translations, while simultaneously making
them readily available for future use without any
additional costs.

AI-based quality estimates for machine‑translated content

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, and the language industry is no different. Utilize AI-based quality estimation in memoQ to gain an understanding of the suitability and usefulness of machine-translated content. By leveraging AIQE (Artificial Intelligence-based Quality Estimation), translators and project managers can efficiently tackle the risks linked to the inconsistent quality of machine translation, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Advanced features for all your linguistic needs

In the last few years, audiovisual translation has started to experience an extraordinary boost for marketing, training, and entertainment videos.

We have designed memoQ to support your audiovisual translations just as well as all the other translations for your portfolio. No matter the file formats, language combinations, or specific demands, you can take advantage of all the advanced features that memoQ provides. Your workflows will improve, ensuring higher-quality outcomes, while facilitating seamless collaboration within your teams. memoQ TMS goes beyond being a simple translation environment; it serves as a comprehensive toolbox for all your daily audiovisual translation requirements.

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