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New Era in Audiovisual Translation

The demand for audiovisual (AV) content is soaring. Translation technology helps AV translators increase productivity, improve translation quality, and meet tight deadlines.

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Live Video Preview for Subtitling Videos

memoQ has a live video preview plugin for subtitling videos. It opens the file exactly at the point being translated, displays the translated text in a live preview, and shows the number of words per minute, characters per second and per line.

Ready-made and Customizable Filters

memoQ has two ready-made filters to handle .srt and custom-made .xlsx. For .srt files, memoQ also provides options for encoding and handling segmentation. Supported formats include Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, HTML, XML, InDesign, and many others. Additionally, memoQ offers a module for creating custom filters to import files that cannot be processed with ready-made filters.
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Automatic and Linguistic Quality Assurance

memoQ has two modules for quality assurance (QA). The QA module finds mistakes during audiovisual translation that are hard to spot with the human eye, like double spaces, wrong capitalization, and missing punctuation. The Linguistic QA module enables reviewers to provide both customized and structured feedback to translators.

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Features Tailored to Your Needs

Handling Translation Volume

Managing high-volume audiovisual projects involving several translators can be a great challenge. memoQ is designed for real-time collaboration, with features like synchronized online projects, simultaneous translation and review, customizable email notifications, and much more.

Integration with Other Tools

memoQ has out-of-the-box connectors for business management tools, machine translation engines, WordPress, and external translation memory databases, and more. With the Web Services API, you can integrate memoQ with proprietary software, project management systems, or other products.

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Maintain Consistency

Term bases are databases that you create to store important words and expressions—and their equivalents—so you can maintain consistency across your audiovisual translations.

Eliminate Manual Steps

Ready-made and customizable project templates help you eliminate time-consuming manual steps during the entire audiovisual translation process. Many memoQ users have reported that the workflow automation feature reduces the amount of work needed to set up a project by as much as 80 percent.

The Best Package for Audiovisual Localization

memoQ server

memoQ server

memoQ server is the translation management system (TMS) of choice for enterprises and translation companies all over the world. It has a repository for translation resources; control centers for collaborative, simultaneous translation operations; functionalities for running multilingual projects; reporting functions; and unique workflow automation.

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memoQ LiveDocs


LiveDocs is an alternative to translation memories that saves your translations in corpora, which can be populated with more than only matching translation segments. LiveDocs also has document alignment and other functionalities. Possible matches from corpora are offered during translation.

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memoQ QTerm


QTerm is the ultimate terminology management system to store, manage, and share terminology. It facilitates communication, boosts brand awareness, and reduces costly misunderstandings.

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Audiovisual Translation with memoQ

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Subtitling, dubbing and captioning have been related to the language service industry for many years. However, mainstream translation technology developers had partly overlooked their importance in favor of other vertical markets. Lately, that has started to change. The global demand for content is reaching new heights and driving the need for more audiovisual localization, which leads companies like memoQ to tailor their offering to serve this industry better.

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