Here you can find legal information and resources for our products and services.

General Terms of Service

Terms and conditions of services relating to memoQ technology (support and maintenance, memoQ cloud servers, server hosting, Language Terminal). Valid from May 25, 2018.

Terms of use

Terms and conditions that apply to everyone visiting the website.

Referral Program Membership Terms

If you bring new users to memoQ technologies, you may be entitled to a discount from your service and maintenance fees. To take advantage of that, you must enroll in the Referral Program. This document contains the terms and conditions.

Data Processing Addendum

Excerpt from the General Terms of Service containing data protection clauses that we offer to everyone using our services. This addendum automatically applies to you if you have a service agreement with us – no signature necessary.

Webshop Business Terms

for Customers visiting the webshop pages under

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End User License Agreement

This is the software end-user license agreement for software products created and distributed by memoQ Translation Technologies Ltd.

Privacy Policy

If you register on a website of ours, or you use our services - this policy describes what data we collect from you, why we collect them, how long we keep them, and how we protect them.

memoQ Zen Terms of Service

memoQ zen is a new generation of online translation tools. Currently, it is in the beta phase, and is available for free, through registration. This document contains the terms of service for memoQ zen.

memoQ Design Lab Membership Terms

Members of the memoQ design lab have a say in the design and functionality of memoQ technologies. This document describes the terms and conditions for that.

Business Services Terms of Service

Terms and conditions of services relating to Business Services provided by memoQ.