Please note that our General Terms of Services, Privacy Policy, and End-User License Agreement have changed as of June 2023. You may find all updated legal documents below. 


General Terms of Service

Terms and conditions of services related to memoQ Translation Technologies.
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End-User License Agreement

End-user license agreement for software products created and distributed by memoQ Translation Technologies Ltd.
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Privacy Policy

Everything to know about the data we collect.
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Data Processing Addendum

Excerpt from the General Terms of Service. This addendum automatically applies to those who have a service agreement with us.
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memoQ story

Security policy

This policy establishes and communicates the information security criteria, means, methods, and measures to protect memoQ’s information assets and those of our clients from the breach of confidentiality, integrity and availability.
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AGT Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions apply to the registration for, access to, and use of the memoQ Adaptive Generative Translation solution.
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Website & Webshop

terms of use

Terms of Use

Terms and conditions that apply to website visitors.
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Cookies Policy

We use cookies to personalize and improve your experience.
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webshop terms

Webshop Business Terms

Customers visiting the webshop pages under
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memoQ Programs


Referral Program Membership Terms

Terms and Conditions of the memoQ referral program.
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design lab

memoQ Design Lab Membership Terms

Terms and Conditions of the memoQ Design Lab initiative.
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