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GDPR Data Protection: How to Remove Personal Data from Documents and TMs in memoQ

When it comes to GDPR, we would like to share our best practices on how to keep your client’s personal data out of your documents and translation memories in memoQ.

As of May 25 May 2018, anyone in the European Union, or anyone working for clients in the European Union, must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR states that translators and translation companies are data processors, processing personal data for their clients. This raises a serious question:

How do you keep clients’ personal data out of your translation memories and translation projects in memoQ?

Sometimes you don’t know in advance that a document contains personal data, but you are still responsible for protecting that data.

You may be concerned about personal data remaining in your translation memories—do you have the right to keep your clients’ personal data in your TMs? Unfortunately, GDPR doesn’t explain.

This eBook includes best-practice methods you can use to eliminate clients’ personal data, with screenshots for each step:

Marking up or removing personal data before importing a document in memoQ

Marking up and masking personal data in memoQ

Removing personal data from translation memories

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