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When you’re a freelance translator juggling different projects and deadlines at the same time, you can’t afford to lose time, and want to make sure that you use all your resources in a smart way. You have to make it a point to use words and expressions consistently across all documents within the same project so your client is always happy. 

Introducing a CAT-tool like memoQ translator pro into your workflow can help you achieve more consistent translations in less time with smart features such as translation memories and term bases. You can get matches from these resources to use in your translations as well as work with different machine translation integrations if your client allows it... 

But memoQ translator pro is much more than that. It provides you with advanced functionality which is easy to learn, and the time you invest in mastering them will give you the competitive edge to stay one step ahead of your competition. 


Here's a few features that will help you unlock hidden potential in your translation workflows (among others) that will be presented by one of memoQ's own Solution Engineers, Santiago de Miguel: 

Advanced concordance search: Use wildcards specific to your language pair to speed up your work.

LiveDocs: Keep all your resources and reference materials in one place, and use them in your translations to enhance them.

Regex Assistant: Regular expressions fit perfectly into translation workflows—learn how you can use them in your workflow for more consistency and faster work with the Find & Replace functionality.

Easy terminology management: Work with several TBs, include/exclude them in QA, add and edit terms in a smoother way.

Views and filters: you can glue documents together, and apply a myriad of different filters (by words, by ID etc.) when translating.

AutoPick: Save a significant amount of time by using AutoPick to insert tags, numbers, acronyms, URLs, and email addresses by the press of a button.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the webinar! 

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Santiago de Miguel — Solution Engineer at memoQ

Santiago started teaching memoQ back in 2017 and is now a Solution Engineer in memoQ's Gaming Hub. He is also a video game translator and has helped localize dozens of games.
As a Solution Engineer, his main job is to help memoQ’s clients make the most of the software by providing training and workflow consultancy sessions, as well as to present the full range of products to game developers, publishers, and localization agencies.

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