Hidden treasures in memoQ cloud

September 30, 2020 5:00 pm (CEST) I 11:00 am (EDT)

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Like all software applications, memoQ has a lot of functionalities – some of them very well hidden. We usually only use about 20% of the tools that we have on our computers. This is a shame as there are some features that could be helpful, but they are so well hidden or named in such a way that they are not readily recognized for their actual value.

memoQ organizes a webinar for translation project managers and translation & localization teams to further improve their translation workflows.

This presentation aims to bring some of these settings to light, like

Managing your server pool

Managing your projects

Conceding or excluding rights and features (like chat between the translators, or many other functionalities that you can turn ON/OFF as a PM)

Information security in memoQ cloud, and

How to keep your cloud server slim

We are looking forward to meeting our current and future memoQ server users online!

You'll listen to

Levente Galbáts - Solution Engineer

Levente got to know with translation technologies during his studies as a translator/interpreter after which he immediately established himself as a support engineer at memoQ.
Since then he moved on to be a Solution Engineer involved in the pre-sales process and is familiar with a variety of memoQ related fields and functions.

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