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memoQ Adaptive Generative Translation is an advanced AI technology by memoQ that enhances automatic translation using a Large Language Model (LLM). It instantly adapts translations to the customer's language resources, ensuring better quality compared to other machine translation technologies. 

In this webinar, memoQ co-founder and Senior Technology Advisor Gábor Ugray will talk about: 

The three previous generations of machine translation (rule-based, statistical, and neural MT)

The complicated offline customization of neural MT

Generative AI and the Cambrian explosion of Large Language Models

How memoQ AGT compares to other machine translation services, and how instant customization creates business value through simpler processes and quality gains, even from a small number of translations

AGT’s potential in combination with memoQ TMS’s advanced lookup features such as fragment searching

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Gábor Ugray - Senior Technology Advisor @ memoQ

Gábor has a background in computer science and linguistics, and before co-founding memoQ he worked on a rule-based machine translation system. His experience as a technical translator informed many aspects of memoQ TMS. In his current technology-focused role he is driving AI innovation at memoQ. He has a keen interest in learning languages, and has at one point almost achieved fluency in Mandarin.

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